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You have a strong urge to get all your stuff organized when the moon spends time in your sign on February 2 and February 3, and you conduct most of your affairs with a very precise and almost businesslike approach. It’s okay to have high standards for yourself, but don’t expect everyone else to conform to your militant quest for perfection.  February is not very encouraging for your career prospects. There will not be too much work pressure, but the work environment might be unpleasant. It is possible, that even after a lot of effort; you may not be able to get your dues.

You’re in touch with your softer side when the sun enters sensitive Pisces on the eighteenth, and it’s kind of nice to be in tune with your emotions. Spend your spare time in the coming months writing poetry, trying out new recipes, or otherwise indulging your creative side.

February 21 feels the effects of a dreamy Venus-Neptune union, and with it comes the strong urge to ignore the reality of a situation in exchange for an idealized version of the truth. You can only put real life off for so long before you have to face it head-on. Deep down, you know this, Virgo, but you’d do anything to avoid the unpleasantness that you fear is just around the corner.

A Venus-Mars square on the twenty-fifth doesn’t do much to ease your pain, as there may be increased tension in a close personal or romantic relationship. Competing with your best friend or lover is awkward at best.

Financial prospects are not very favourable in this month. Any dispute or litigation that you might be involved in is bound to be decided against you. Therefore, you must work very hard to get the decision postponed to a more favourable and advantageous time period so that you don’t end up a loser.It will be very difficult to realize planned gains for most of you, because of a set of unfavourable circumstances. Even small gains will not come easily to you. Therefore, it would be a wise policy to do some advance planning to stay safe. Quite obviously, in such a scenario the climate would not be the right one for investment or new ventures.

Favorable Numbers: 3,4,13,14,29,30

Virgo Horoscope of February 2018

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