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Planetary Positions Today

An Ephemeris is an astronomical term, but it works as an integral astrology aspect for predicting grah sthiti or planetary positions on a given date. As per Vedic astrology, a Vedic Ephemeris offers current planetary positions and predictions that proves very prospitious in determining planetary positions today. Generally, Ephemeris for today is a tabulated journal that provides the present planetary positions of all the major planets, the Sun, the Moon, asteroids or comets. The planetary positions are provided for either noon or midnight based on the specific planet Ephemeris.


Planetary Positions On Given Date



Current Planetary Positions

Planetary Positions By Astrology

Ephemeris meaning in Latin is diary or journal. Since ancient times, the current planetary positions on a given date (Grah position or Grah Stithi) have been assigned printed values in a tabular format. These attributes tend to change from time to time with the change in the trajectory of the celestial bodies. As a result, such a tabular compilation would usually last for a day only to be replaced by new values on the following day. Such a diary was, therefore, termed as Planetary Ephemeris.

With the advancement in technology, Ephemeris today is calculated electronically with the help of mathematical models based on the movement of celestial bodies via-a-vis that of the Earth. The printed Planetary Ephemeris, though obsolete, is still in use in some parts of the world where the computers and electronic devices are still not widely used or haven’t been made available to the public at large.

A scientific Ephemeris shows planetary positions’ current overview using the spherical polar coordinate system, a system used by mathematicians and physicians on a variety of applications to plot the trajectory of a moving body. The current planetary positions are then used in preparing maps of stars in the sky, and telescopes. In astronomy, it finds use in determining the movement and the centre of the planets, stars and galaxies. For instance, the astronomers following astronomical events of solar and lunar eclipses, planets retrograde and terrestrial events impacted by the cosmic alignment of stars and planets are interested in knowing the time of their happening. Planet Ephemerides are also used to design the celestial navigation software which helps with spacecraft navigation and can work as a backup option for the global positioning system (GPS).

Vedic Ephemeris Use in Astrology

In astrology, Vedic Ephemeris is of great value and use as it helps in understanding today’s Grah position and planetary transit (today’s Gochar). Grah Gochar today is one of the main aspects to determine the outcome of a horoscope based on the current planetary positions, their future trajectory and velocity. The Gochar of Jupiter and Saturn is considered very important. Thus while analyzing the today gochar chart astrologers check Jupiter degree today and Grah Sthiti today for Saturn. The accuracy of today’s Gochar or planetary position information allows them to ascertain the impact of stars and celestial bodies on an individual.

Check Ephemeris 2023 to know the current planetary position on a given date, which in turn helps you with the positional description of planets along with their respective stars, natural satellites and galaxies. The planetary position astrology can offer information about today’s gochar and current planetary positions and predictions for the future. If you check current planetary positions by date of birth and time, then you may get accurate details for planetary positions and planetary transits report for your birth date.

2023 Ephemeris todays planetary position, you may track the movement of comets and asteroids that are erratic in behaviour. However, it is advisable to Talk to an Expert Astrologer as some phenomena may not be adequately explained by today's Ephemeris due to the disruption caused by loosely researched asteroids.

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