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You will have to be on your toes this month when it is in regards to your health, predicts Capricorn monthly horoscope. The overall health levels will not be that good, so,  be a bit careful. If you have already been suffering from significant ailments like Bronchitis, asthma, etc. then take proper medication and go for regular medical checkups. Stay off from overexerting yourself and take adequate rest else it may have severe repercussions. Engage in the light walk, yoga, pranayama, etc. to stay active.

The financial forecast does not look very rosy as per the Capricorn monthly horoscope. If you are a singer, dancer or a drama artist, you may not get sufficient work this month so be ready to face some turbulence of cash crunch. Also, those of you who are engaged in the transport industry may also suffer some losses so be prepared and cut back on the excess expenses. You will not be able to estimate the profits that you may make this month so be very careful about your budget. Do not trust strangers else you may lose out your hard earned money to them.

You may travel a lot this month, but you may not make substantial gains. Don’t get bogged down by the same and continue to work hard. Avoid overseas travel because it may burn a deep hole in your pocket. Don’t bank upon your influential friends and industry contacts because they may not offer you help. The best bet will be to become self-sufficient and do not ask for help from others. Wait for an appropriate time to come and then take action.

On the family front, everything looks adverse. You will need money during the entire month and will have to struggle to earn the same. The strategy should be to mitigate the expenses and increase the income sources. You will have to plan your budget very meticulously. You may get into severe differences with your siblings, and you will need to be very patient while talking to them. You may get into an unpleasant situation, and you may have heated confrontations. Please avoid such a situation and stay calm and composed.

Your children will enjoy the entire month, and this will bring a sense of satisfaction to you. The stars are favorably placed. Your children will follow their passion and get into creative arts like drama, music, dance, etc. and they will do very well in the same.

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