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Free Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Forecast as per the Capricorn monthly horoscope is that you will focus on relationships and career. The main reason for the same is that the group of planets is concentrated in the upper hemisphere. Mars looks robust, and it will make sure that your family gets all the attention even if you have other aspirations.

The strength of the planets will continue to rise in the Eastern part of monthly Horoscope chart. You will become more confident because of the same and you will able to motivate yourself to accomplish your desires. Capricorns are aggressive, and it means that people around you will have to be submissive and agree to your terms and conditions. The master planet of Capricorn is Saturn which is going to impact your personality. You might have to take a tough call this month. So, be prepared. You will be very active in the areas of spirituality, finance, career & social get-togethers.

The forecast as per the Monthly Capricorn Horoscope is that there is a close connection between your aspirations and your family. You have a belief that your growth is your family’s growth. You will offer to help your colleagues and friends with their dreams, and it will improve your social status. You may get promoted or get a good increment due to Mercury Retrograde in your Horoscope chart.

There will be planetary congestion which will stop the planet Jupiter from entering the house of Wealth and hence your monthly cash flow may be stopped. You may not get the desired financial benefits this month, and you will be stuck with a very tight budget. We advise you to curb unnecessary expenses and prepare a reasonable budget and plan the monthly costs wisely. You should be patient while working on a transaction and if you can delay the payment, it will be very good. Your partner will be good regarding the finance.

This month does not look favorable for the lovebirds. Singles may not find their desired partner and those who are married will drag their relationship. Those who are looking to hook up for pleasure instead of commitment should focus on social get-togethers. You should not plan to extend your family until 19th August. 8th August to 20th August can be cumbersome, and there may be tussles and small differences between you and your partner.

Your health should be fantastic, and you should not be bothered at all. This month seems to be good if you want to tweak your fitness regime and diet.

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