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The power planet and the ruling body Saturn is in conjunction with Sun pretty early this month which would help you get recognized for your efforts in every aspect of life. But always remember you aren’t in it for recognition, what you really wish to achieve is to be the best at what you do. You need to identify your goals and eventually wait for the right moment to make the move.

The stars are lined up in the perfect order as far as career goes for you Capricorns. You would go from strength to strength in your disciplinary field and every opportunity that comes your way would see you seizing it with utmost confidence and clinical finesse. The eastern half of your monthly chart predicts that a major part of your work will involve travel and exploration. The overall gains would be marginal but you’ll definitely make some substantial progress towards achieving your long-term goals. If you are looking to start something new of your own, make sure there is no element of risk involved.  

There is nothing new or revealing about finances this month for your sign despite your professional network expanding to a great extent and thus giving you a little nudge. In fact, you would have to work extra hard this month for achieving even smallest of profits. We think you should put all your plans for investment in real estate on hold for now or any other big purchase for that matter. Keep a low profile for now.

The coming month might not turn out too well for your sign in terms of family affairs and since the stars are not in the most favorable position, you can expect tension cropping up out of nowhere while you are home. There is a strong possibility of you having differences with your sibling for the most trivial of reasons. We suggest you keep your calm and stay out of this trouble for at least this month.

You may not be as fortunate enough on all the other fronts in life but healthwise, this is going be a fantastic month for you people. Even if you are suffering from any ailment, this month sees you recovering at an unmatchable speed and getting back in shape for good.  

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