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As per the Libra monthly horoscope, the key will be communication and you can certainly make some good progress if you can put across your thoughts and ideas to others in an effective manner. Be very particular about your work and the same will give you tremendous results. You will learn new skills very quickly, and your grasping power will be incredible. Include some meditation to improve your productivity and concentration. Your advice to others will change their lives, and you will enhance your image in social circles because of this.

You will be very confident and upbeat about your romantic relationship, predicts Libra monthly horoscope. The way you will handle the issues would be remarkable, and your excellent interpersonal skills will come in as handy. If you are single, then you may fall in love, and this relationship will be a long term. Those who are married may face some minor tussles, and you will be able to tackle the same very effectively.

On the family front, your elders will be pleased with your conduct and care, says Libra monthly horoscope. You will get the blessings of your elders, and this will make the entire environment at the house very pleasant, and everyone will live in harmony, and there won't be any differences. You will have to bear some additional responsibilities as well for your family members, and this will be a cakewalk for you.

Health front will be a bit weak this month as per the Libra monthly horoscope, and you may not be able to complete your assignments on time which had strict deadlines. No primary health issues are predicted, but some minor ailments may happen due to improper food intake. You have to take care of your food intake and engage in regular exercise to stay fit. Go for a complete medical checkup this month and fix up the future checkups at regular intervals. If you do not feel good, then you should consult a doctor immediately and take the proper medications. You can consume little quantity of a good liver tonic to take good care of your liver.

The stars may not favor you this month regarding your financial position. If you get into any legal tussles or dispute, then it may go against you so it would be better that you refrain from getting yourself involved in any such legal disputes. The decision against you may prove to be very expensive for you so, avoid the same. You may not be that confident this month while you make decisions and this may affect your progress and growth. This month is also not prosperous so avoid making some new investments or getting into new business ventures as of now.

This is an excellent month for the students, predicts Libra monthly horoscope. If you are a student of the technical subject, then you will do reasonably well. Similarly, students of law and arts will also do well with minimum efforts. If you are studying for competitive exams, be prepared to put in some extra efforts.

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