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Lovely Libra, from December 1st until the 25th, Venus will be in your 3rd house. You will have a magical way with words amidst your loved ones as indicated by Venus in the 3rd house of communication.

Communication is exactly this way; peaceful, loving, as true Venus is beautiful and harmonious, as ensured according to Libra Monthly Horoscope.

As Venus is your ruling planet, therefore, her alignment this month is in tune with your ideas. This month, in the areas of verbal expression, language, and writing, Venus may also open you up to feeling more creative. Romantic languages, such as Italian, French, and Spanish may make you feel drawn to learning a new language.

As per Libra December Horoscope, Venus will inspire you here to tap into your skills as a novelist or poet if you enjoy creative writing!

Every word is predicted to be even more beautiful than the next to write anything and everything down that you can this month.

At work, when issues among others arise, you will be collected and calm during heated discussions.

As people view you as a peacekeeper already, you may be asked to mediate conversations. Your love life is sure to excel with Venus in the 3rd house!

You will want to get to know your partner in a deeper if you are a Libra in a relationship and in a more intimate way as well.

This may lead to discussions on worldviews or topics of a more personal nature, as you seek a substantial emotional connection.

You will be able to “woo” any potential partner with your charm, if you are a single Libra, knowing exactly what to say and when.

Be mindful of the energy you give off to others as you may be unconsciously more flirtatious this month and check in with your intention.

On December 3rd in Gemini, the full moon will help you address issues head-on. You may have the tendency to sell yourself short and not speak up if you think it will rock the boat while you are keen on creating a fair outcome and to please others.

The clutches of the truth today will not be escaped with the presence of Gemini! Even if you cause a disagreement, it is important that you speak your mind.

Dear Libra, the Universe wants you to honor your feelings and trust your judgment as there will be peace soon enough. In your 3rd house for three weeks this month, Mercury is retrograde, you will require cluttering your mind with all its swirling thoughts.

This retrograde might make you have racing thoughts, feel nervous or have conflicting opinions or feel overwhelmed.

It is ideal that you do as much to clear your mind as possible because you already have the tendency to be indecisive. For transcendental meditation, yoga, and walking in nature, this is an excellent month.

Use every opportunity you can to relax and let go even doing repetitive tasks or chores can be a form of meditation!

Favorable Numbers: 8, 14, 20, 26, 31

Libra Horoscope of December 2017

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