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Jupiter transit last month has marked the beginning of a whole new phase in your life. It’s time to achieve greater heights in your career and personal life, starting this month. A new moon in around the first week of November encourages you to be patient, skilful, and definitely more enterprising. You’ll be willing to take more risks and try new things without caring much about the outcomes. This doesn’t mean you’ll get carefree, it’s just a different and more exciting side of your personality that’ll be prominent this month. You’ll be socially active and maybe if everything goes right, these frequent social interactions might bring in some great news for you. A concentrated planetary strength in the right half of monthly chart indicates towards a fantastic period. You’ll be able to accomplish targets that are beyond your capacity. Plus, the Sun and Venus are moving through your zodiac this November so rest assured of a cheerful time in your personal life as well. Major areas of interests this month include professional stability, spirituality, physical grooming, and sports.  

Scorpions who are still looking for a partner might finally come across a potential romantic companion quite early this month. You’ll meet them in the most unusual of scenarios like while chasing a financial objective, or maybe visiting someone for work. Similarly, for couples, this month is going to be romantically active. You’ll be going on dates, weekend getaways, and things like that. However, Mars’ prolonged stay in Taurus constellation could raise a few tense situations between you and your partner mid-month. But there’s nothing much to worry.  

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio suggests your career will be showing some tremendous growth as compared to last month. You’ll get over with pending projects, overdue professional commitments and might finally get some time to focus on your new ideas. Maybe if you can pay some more attention to your emotional ties, you can harness even better results.

As far as finances are concerned, there is nothing much to worry about. In fact, you’ll be zooming in on more opportunities to make money. Assistance from your partner or spouse will further fuel your confidence to put in more efforts. Monetary rewards will keep on coming throughout the month. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with your monthly expenditure.

Your monthly chart predicts, Health will be great the entire November. Improved stamina levels will help you grow in more confidence. If you are looking to make some changes to your diet or workout routine, this is probably the best time.

Scorpio Horoscope of November 2018

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