Free Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Venus will enter your money house on the 1st. The ruler of harmony and beauty, Venus, will attract you to value in this house and good taste according to Scorpio Monthly Horoscope.

The true worth of something will be seen by you, whether this is a service or a good. It will be of elegance if you buy something, luxury and quality.

Convincing yourself that you need to have them for your happiness, you may attach emotions to these items. As Venus might just play a trick on you, watch your impulsive behaviors throughout the month!

You will give freely to those important people in your life and will also be generous, on the other hand, according to Scorpio December Horoscope.

Venus will make you attracted to people who are wealthy as it is also the planet of love. This may seep into your dating life and in order to feel loved now, you need this financial security.

To feel emotionally balanced you need a partner now who is genuine, simple and hardworking.

As a sign of commitment and affection, this month, you might expect your partner to buy you something expensive, if you are in a relationship.

You will see money as a means of beauty this month, dear Scorpio, even though you are a deep person. This December, you are as sensual as ever, in the bedroom with your lover, nice smells and expensive fabrics will get you on!

Lovely Scorpio, Jupiter remains in your house! As intense as you are, this alignment is almost the same. To expand you is the tendency of Jupiter.

As your spiritual growth, this may manifest, as this month, you will see signs of your inner mysticism. There is a power within you, will be realized by you which enables you to do anything and get your hands on anything you desire.

In the Universe, Jupiter will give you the confidence to know your abilities, love yourself and trust. As Jupiter’s intention is for good be careful not to manipulate this gift.

You to share your abundance of luck and good spirit, this planetary aspect encourages you to do so, over the course of the year, you will make a lot of new friends. You are destined to have a pretty epic year as this alignment is one of the most auspicious in your chart!

In Capricorn, your planetary ruler, Pluto, is still in the middle of his very long cycle. This alignment has been here since 2008 and until 2024, this alignment will last. Over the past several years as you have been thinking very deeply and intensely about all kinds of subjects, this has encouraged you to grow intellectually.

Throughout your time here on Earth, this will help you grow and continue to transform you. Matters that deal mostly with inner identity, emotions, thoughts, and conversations will be adequate as all of the planets are in the lower half of your chart.

This month, whether it is creative, freehand, or structured, you will enjoy a lot of writing in some form or journal. Dear Scorpio, to give you the best success in finances, the planets have aligned so you can finally breathe!!

Favorable Numbers: 7, 11, 17, 23, 29

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