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Satyanarayan Puja

To seek immediate and constant blessings of God Narayan, Shri Satyanarayan Puja is performed every Purnima or Poornima also known as Pournami. Also considered as an incarnation of truth, Narayan or Lord Vishnu is highly appeased when Shri Satyanarayan Puja / Satyanarayan Katha is performed especially on Poornima, Poornima or Pournami.

On the day of this puja, devotees have to observe fast. Mornings, as well as Evenings, are best for the puja. Evening Puja is more suitable as devotees can break the fast by obtainment of Prasadam.

In mPanchang, dates for Satyanarayan Puja to be performed in evening are given. Thus, these dates for puja can fall on Chaturdashi, one day before Purnima, Poornima or Pournami. Those desiring to perform Puja in the morning should consult mPanchang to ascertain that the Pooja is performed within Purnima tithi as the tithi may be over in Morning. Therefore, it is advised to preferably perform Shri Satyanarayan Puja Vidhi on the eve of puja day.

List of Satyanarayan Puja Dates 2019

A set ritual is observed for worshipping Lord Satyanarayan, a very generous incarnation of Lord Vishnu. A sacred mixture of five things milk, honey, ghee, yogurt and sugar, popularly known as Panchamrutham is used in purification of the Shaligram, the divine stone of Lord Vishnu. Prasad is made of roasted wheat flour, sugar, banana and other fruits. To make this Prasad sacred Tulasi leaves are added.

On the commencement of Puja, the story of Puja also called Katha is narrated to all present there that include observant of fast and those who are part of the Puja. The Katha details of the origin of Puja, its benefits and the possible disasters a person faces on non-performing of Puja.

The Puja culminates with the chanting of an Arti, a process of rotating a small fire lit with the help of Kapur or Camphor in front of image or idol of Lord Vishnu. Fast Observant and Puja participants after Arti, devour the Panchamrutham and the Prasad. Vrat observant generally break the fast after consuming the Panchamrutham.