Role Of Astrology In Love Marriage

A marriage is termed as love marriage when people often choose their life partner with their own will and interest rather than letting the family members finalizing the partner for the marital alliance for an individual. Predicting and analyzing ‘love marriage yog’ in a kundali is one of the highly concerned areas in astrology.


Seven Vows of Hindu Marriage

Hindu Marriage ceremony is deemed complete only when the bride and groom takes 7 phere (circumambulations) around Agnikund (sacred fire). And the ritual of performing these seven vows is called as Saptapadi and popularly as Saat Phere.


Kanyadaan in Hindu Marriage

The ritual of Kanyadaan is highly valued and is a significant part of any Indian wedding. The literal meaning of the word derives from two words i.e. ‘Kanya’ which means a girl or a maiden and ‘Daan' which means donation, so it symbolizes the donation of a maiden or girl.


Remedies for Happy Marriage Life

Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals who promise to love and support each other for life. So, problems in married life can have a deep impact on one’s entire well-being. A disturbed marriage can disturb each and every aspect of your life.