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As per the Sagittarius monthly horoscope, your focus this month will be towards home, family & psychological health. The career will take the back seat as of now, and this is OK. The stars are not favorable presently so you will have to be very patient. A lot of social get-togethers and parties are on the cards, and this will be an opportunity to mingle with some interesting people and develop a good network. You will put your interest first this month and then focus on other areas.

You might not enjoy a smooth love life this month. Disagreements and arguments might aggravate the things leading to misunderstandings. Just keep calm for some time and let this phase pass. If you are single, then there is a strong chance of you getting into a relationship but not of a serious kind. You are looking to spend some good quality time first and then take a call. 

As per the Sagittarius monthly horoscope, family affairs will be prominent in your mind. Your entire focus will be towards your family and the related matters. Other matters will take a backseat as of now.

On the health front, you will face challenges because of your poor eating habits. The trick will be to eat a balanced diet at regular intervals which do not include any unprocessed food. You may suffer from minor headache and body aches as well so take care while you work out, do not engage in strenuous activities. 

Be very careful about your choices this month regarding your career as one wrong decision may prove to be very disastrous. Work pressure, politics, etc. will be everywhere and you cannot quit your current job because of the same. Some of you will leave the job and then look for opportunities in the market while some of you will stay back and continue to look for other options.

Finance wise this month will be good for you as per the Sagittarius monthly horoscope. However, you will have to be very careful about choosing your options and spending money else you may have to suffer through a significant setback in the future. The month looks suitable for investing in excellent real estate property. Do not trust anyone who comes up with a business proposal; it may be a trap.

The folks who are pursuing a course in technology, arts or social science will do very well. The stars will be in your favor, and nothing can stop you in pursuing an education that will propel your career and take you to new heights. However, you may not travel due to your commitments and work pressures, but that is fine. You will get loads of opportunities in the future.

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