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Mars continues its love affair with Taurus this month as well which means you got to look after your health very seriously. Don’t turn a blind eye on matters of health just because you don’t have time. Negligence can cost you heavily. Your planet lord Jupiter is all set to enter your constellation on the 8th, kickstarting a period of highly rewarding partnerships. You might join hands with someone far superior and your combined energies will prove to be mutually beneficial. Another astrological phenomenon that will be steering your life this month is the Mercury cycle, set to begin on the 16th. And unfortunately, since it’s in your sign when it begins, the impact will be a little disadvantageous. But being a fire sign, you are gifted with the natural ability to find a way through troubles. This month shouldn’t be any different. You’ll be storming through obstacles with ease.

Career chart shows Neptune positioned in Pisces in the last week. So for new job seekers, this translates into an opportunity that is highly likely to turn in their favour. For professionals though this can be a reason to worry because you’ll not be able to capitalize on fruitful opportunities that come your way this month. You might also find yourself in a needless argument or conflict with a co-worker, so try and maintain your composure.   

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius predicts a romantically eventful month. If you are single, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to find a good partner. So you might get to go out on a lot of dates. Married couples will be able to find more emotional clarity in their marriage opening doorway to a much better life.

Your financial wisdom will grow quite significantly this month and you’ll manage to make more money from new business ventures and newfound professional partnerships. Innovative business schemes and investment policies will bring you lots of cash this month.

Sagittarians need to make sure they don’t have any sort of miscommunication with anyone either at work or at home. This, traditionally means you have to be loud and clear with what you say or feel about anyone or anything. Plus, there are fair chances of you travelling abroad for work. Health could be better if you put in some more efforts. November is going to turn out fairly well.

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