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A new Moon right at the beginning of the month strengthens the area of your chart which signifies understanding of life and a profound sense of judgement for almost everything in life. This is a sign that you’ll be looking to widen your academic circle and would definitely try your hands at learning new stuff like a language, an art form, or maybe a new sport. If you are a student, educational pursuits would be quite prominent this November. Venus moving into Libra mid-month will brush up your persuasive skills quite magnificently. You’ll be able to turn your charm on people and will make them do whatever you want. Neptune has been hovering over associate retrogrades for quite some time now but this month on 22nd it comes directly into your sign. This astrological event has a terrific significance for Pisces. It gives you a punch of reality by thrashing the fantasies that you were living in. It isn’t as dramatic as it sounds but you’ll definitely start taking things more seriously. You’ll be bang on with your decisions this month.

Monthly Horoscope predicts November is going to be one of the finest months for you in terms of career and profession. You will be more focused, diligent, and skilful with matters related to career. You’ll be looking to push yourself further to achieve better results by the virtue of hard work and some never seen before dedication. Your new avatar will garner you widespread recognition and a much stronger position.

Monthly Horoscope suggests your source of earning may shrink a little between the 11th and the 25th. You might have to rely on your social and professional connections to gain back the momentum. We would advise you to constrict your expenditure on luxurious and needless items and services for now.

Relationship aspect of your life doesn’t look very good this month. You and your partner will be under some tremendous pressure to live up to all the expectations people seem to have from you. You must try to overcome this unusual looking problem by taking a break or talking to each other more about it. As far as health is concerned, this month is going to be sort of a mixed bag for you fellas. The first half looks good but the business end of the month might bring in some health issues. Difficulty related to breathing, migraine, stress, high blood pressure, and some recurring visionary defect may trouble you.

Pisces Horoscope of November 2018

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