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Venus enters your 10th house of career and professional accomplishments on the 1st and is likely to remain here until December 25th.

As you see love and experience go hand in hand this month, you might find yourself attracted to someone who is older than you according to Pisces December Horoscope.

Via a networking event or through a colleague, you might meet a person of interest in your career. To host a work party or speak at a public event, it may be a great time for you as you will be able to attract groups of people as well.

If you are looking to make a career change, Venus in this house also indicates the same that you might consider something more creative than your current work or at least, the possibility of a profession in the arts.

You will get a spark of artistic intuition and ideas, which is quite relevant and natural for you.

You are certain to have interactions with others in the professional setting and harmonious relationships and will be able to charm coworkers and clients who are alike as per Pisces Monthly Horoscope.

You will get the job done well at work, while you will concentrate on your appearance more than your individual accomplishments, especially thriving over teamwork.

With Neptune on the 1st to the 5th of this month, Jupiter creates an excellent aspect. In your professional sector, you will feel even harmonious and luckier!

As this alignment will allow people to see you in the most positive light possible as you meet with people whom you might be more apprehensive about. Since October, Jupiter has been in your 9th house of philosophy, travel and higher learning.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion as this is Jupiter’s natural home. To go somewhere enlightening, you may be planning a trip.

This month, your knowledge beyond your usual environment and thirst for culture is fierce! Over the course of the year, in this house, as Jupiter tends to shake up previous ideologies in this house, you might reassess your system of beliefs or religion.

Starting on the 9th of December, Mars will be in your 9th house of expansion. Mars will convince you that there is a right and a wrong to any situation while you try to be open-minded about most things.

On one side this month, you value the gray areas but also will be more passionate. About social issues, injustices, or political opinions, you might get into debates.

You are quite liberal while advocating for the rights of all humankind. About fighting for everyone from all walks of life, the 9th house will make you even more passionate.

Mars aggressive tendencies will be balanced out for your compassionate nature. You are sure to be adventurous and fiery in the bedroom this month on the other hand.

A lot of fun will be encountered by you and your loved one! Watery Pisces, Mars makes you take risks and action which will be considered as a good balance.

Favorable Numbers: 4, 8, 15, 19, 26, 30

Pisces Horoscope of December 2017

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