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Zodiac Signs

All About the 12 Zodiac Signs

There are 12 Zodiac Signs, which correspond to the different months of a year. They are widely known as: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Zodiac Signs help unravel the personality of an individual and understanding his or her behavioural tendencies, in both Western and Vedic astrology.

The date of birth reveals the zodiac sign of the native and the corresponding attributes that get passed down by the stars, which lord over a particular sign. These signs are of great astrological significance, and are the key to understanding an individual’s past and present and reading the future. mPancahng allows you to check your Zodiac Sign Dates, Zodiac Sign Compatibility, Zodiac Animals and Star Sign for Today.


You can find out what Zodiac Sign you were born under on mPanchang. All Zodiac Signs are elaborated here with detailed information on how they affect the persons born under them. Zodiac Signs help in figuring out your horoscope by looking up the Zodiac Calendar.

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Aries Zodiac

Aries or Mesh

People born under the Aries sign carry a lean and powerful body, are of medium build – neither too lean nor too plump – have a broad face and neck, and brownish complexion. They might have marks or scars on their head or temple, have thick eyebrows, rough or wiry hair, dark or sandy in colour, and have a tendency to go bald. Eyes can be gray and brownish in colour.

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Taurus Zodiac

Taurus or Vrishabha

People born with Taurus as their Zodiac sign are of short to medium in height, have a broad forehead, and shiny eyes. They are plump, have dark hair, clean complexion and a well-toned physique.

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Gemini Zodiac

Gemini or Mithuna

Geminis are tall, lean, quick, upright and lovely people. They can be timid, nervous and restless at times. They love listening to music, are born dancers, love to paint, travel and their creative urge may lead to inventions.

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Cancer Zodiac

Cancer or Kark

They are of average height, have a tendency to be stout, are awkward at times and walk with a rolling gait. They have a round face, full cheeks, and a double chin. They have a short nose with a sharp tip. Light blue or gray is the colour of their eyes. They have pale complexion, small hands, short feet and wide chest.

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Leo Zodiac

Leo or Simha

They bear a very charming personality, come with broad shoulders, florid or ruddy complexion, strong bones, and good muscles. They are tall, have vertical upper body, slender waist, and prominent knees. They have soft and wavy hair, usually light in color. As their age advances, they might get bullied. They have a lofty, commanding, dignified personality and good height. Overall, they have a royal appearance.

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Virgo Zodiac

Virgo or Kanya

They are tall and possess a slender body. They are hairy people with black hair, thick eyebrows, and shrill voice. They are fast walkers and never get a potbelly. They appear younger than their years, display broad forehead, are honest and talk through their eyes. They have beautiful eyes, mostly blue in colour.

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Libra Zodiac

Libra or Tula

They are of a fair complexion, have well-built physique, are usually tall, lean in youth but gain weight as age advances. They possess brown to black hair, brown or blue eyes, have nose like a parrot, an oval face with good features. They are very elegant, attractive, have a beautiful smile and can communicate through their eyes. They always seem younger than their actual age.

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Scorpio Zodiac

Scorpio or Vrishchik

They bear a charming personality, have a well-proportioned body, average stature, broad face, long hands, short and curly hair, commanding appearance and muscular physique. They have prominent eyebrows, dusky complexion and have a tendency to be stout.

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Sagittarius Zodiac

Sagittarius or Dhanu

They possess a well-developed physique, are tall, slender, have a long or oval face, large forehead, bushy eyebrows, long nose, blue or hazel-coloured eyes and clear complexion. They have a very charming appearance, are full of grace, and are good-looking people. They come with brown-coloured hair and might suffer from baldness near the temples.

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Capricorn Zodiac

Capricorn or Makar

They display very prominent features, are usually thin and tall, have long nose, decent chin, dark or black hair, and a thin beard. They are short in the formative years but gain height after the age of 16. The body structure also improves after a certain age as they are prone to be slender when young. They usually have a scar on the knee or a jetty.

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Aquarius Zodiac

Aquarius or Kumbha

Persons born under this sign are tall and possess a good stature. They are robust, well-shaped, and stout in the middle age, have a clear complexion, oval face, and are handsome in appearance. Their hair comes in shades of brown. They possess a mole or mark on the calf muscle. They have a good-looking face and a friendly attitude.

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Pisces Zodiac

Pisces or Meena

Generally, they have a short built, plump body and a fleshy face. They usually have a pale complexion, muscular shoulders, big eyes and a wide mouth. They might become fat and posses a double chin later in life.

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