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Planets Retrograde

When a planet becomes retrograde, its vitalities become inverted and become more personal. The expression of energy to the outer world becomes slow as the person having retrograde planet takes a comprehensive view of the energies spent. A lot of prodigies and leaders around the world have retrograde planets. In terms of individuality, the retrograde movement of following planets is very important: Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Mercury

In terms of Karmic personal, retrograde planets are particularly important in the Horoscope interpretation. The motion of retrograde planets refers to the movement in the opposite direction of one of the planet. It is known that Sun and Moon never have a retrograde movement. The significance of retrograde planet is to show us life lessons misunderstood in the previous existence. In this life, it is our duty to repair those mistakes and we will have the unpredicted condition in this sequence.

Planets can appear to move backward in the sky for a period of time and this situation is said to be retrograde. When a planet retrogrades in the birth chart, it is believed that the energies turn inwards. They are experienced and felt more strongly than normal and the native experiences hidden or undercover energies during this period.

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