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Birth Details to Calculate Your Sun Sign


Sun Sign Calculator allows you to know you Sun Sign accurately. Mostly people are aware with their Sun Sign a.k.a. Star Sign , which can be easily known by the date of birth using the widely available tables of Sun Sign Dates. In many cases, the date of birth is close to the border between the two signs, these sorts of general tables can be wrong. This happens because of the precise date and time of the entry of the Sun into a Zodiac Sign which differs quite substantially year after year.

It is known that Sun Sign Astrology is based on Western Astrology Method and the planet Sun. Sun constellations and Sun Ascendant are taken as the main factor. The Zodiac in which Sun is placed in the horoscope is known as Surya Rashi or Rashi-phal . It is known that the Sun Constellation highlights strength, confidence, ambition, fame, money and brings luck. The Indian astrology is based on Moon Zodiac and Western Astrology is based on Sun Zodiac.

There are two types of Signs which are used in Astrology namely Sun Sign and Moon Sign. Sun Sign is calculated by Sun Sign Calculator and Moon Sign is calculated by Moon Sign Calculator. By knowing your Sun Sign through our Sun Sign Calculator, you can know your life predictions by your date of birth and you will get forecast about your favorable date, favorable number, favorable gemstone and favorable color from your date of birth. You can also find your Moon Rashi through mPanchang Moon Sign Calculator. Moon Sign is considered to be the most important according to Indian Vedic Astrology.

The Sun Sign Calculator on mPanchang gives you the most accurate calculation of your Sun Sign. You can calculate your Sun Sign just by entering your date of birth and birth time. Your Sun Sign will be shown instantly.