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If there is a time of Rahu Kaal between auspicious work, then be alert and take help of Chaughadiya.

About Rahu kaal

Rahu is an inauspicious planet according to the Vedic Astrology. To begin any auspicious work, the time under Rahu should be avoided. To control the malefic nature of Rahu, Pujas, Hawan and Yagya are organised. In Rahu Kaal / Rahu Kalam, desired results cannot be achieved for any prosperous work. It is very important to consider Rahu Kaal before starting any new or auspicious work. By being careful, the chances of attaining the desired results will increase.

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However, Rahu related work gives auspicious results during this period. Hawan, Yagya and Puja are done do propionate Rahu Kaal. Rahu Kaal is utmost important for people in South India. Grah Pravesh, purchase of stocks, shares, gold, home, engagement, starting of new business and marriage rituals are avoided during this time.

Rahu Kaal, Rahu Kaala, Rahu Kalam and Rahu Kalaam are some other names which are given to Rahu Kaal. Everyday Rahu Kaal lasts for one and a half hour and is among the eight segments of the day between sunrise and sunset. The total time between the sunrise and sunset at a given place when divided by eight gives the individual time duration for the eight segments.

Sunrise and Sunset moments are taken to calculate the Geometric values of sunrise and sunset. Refraction is not considered in Geometric sunrise, so Geometric sunrise is very different from Observational sunrise. Observational sunrise marks sunrise moments when upper limb of the Sun becomes visible at the Eastern Horizon while Geometric sunrise marks sunrise moment when middle of the Sun is visible at the Eastern Horizon.

There is difference in local timings of sunrise and sunset of any two locations, therefore Rahu Kaal timings and Rahu duration are never same for any two locations. The sunrise and sunset time keep changing throughout the year for every location. So, it is concluded that Rahu Kaal varies from day to day and place to place. Rahu Kaal should be looked at for each day before starting any important work.

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