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There is a Mercury-Venus Trine taking place as early as 4th of this month, and since Uranus is your ruling body, you could not have asked for a better start. You’ll be open to exploring all the possible opportunities life has on offer for you. So this might be the month which finally kickstarts something big and beautiful for you. What’s even interesting is the fact that a square between the same planetary bodies is set to occur on the 23rd. The impact echoes similar aspects, the only difference being this square might cause you to have a miscommunication. So this entire month make sure you are absolutely clear about what you hear, understand, and then respond.  

This month’s financial star line comprises two bodies with totally opposite characteristics and features coming together to create the most favorable environment for your financial growth. The good fortune has come knocking on your door so open it and let it in. If you are a business owner, the key to success would be how good you gel with your employees and if you are a worker, performance is the key.

People looking for jobs will have plenty of chances in the form of occasional job openings, sudden vacation and interviews to land on the best jobs they would ever expect to come their way. However, ascendants who are medical professionals might face difficulty finding a stable working base and they might have to travel in and out quite frequently this month.

The Sun-Uranus square just mentioned above brings you the gift of open-mindedness which will turn extremely beneficial for those in a relationship. Married couples are going through a purple patch and this month only extends their honeymoon phase by a matter of four weeks. So enjoy your time with your spouse and make sure you make every moment more special than the previous one.   

If you think you’ve already so much to thank for this month, then think again. Healthwise, this is going to be one of the finest months you could have asked for at the very beginning of a new year. Heart and mind would be in perfect harmony and you would feel much relaxed and confident about your choices. There is no likelihood of any kind of physical issues or something and you’ll be in perfect shape.

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