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mPanchang welcomes you to the world of Astrological Gemstones. Here, you can choose your desired Gemstones at best prices and be assured of their quality. In case of any confusion, you can talk to our Astrologers in an instant.

The precious minerals found in the form of stones under the Earth’s surface are known as ‘Gemstones’. These stones have the power to influence an individual’s life. It is known that every gemstone behaves as an embodiment of an Astrological planet’s energy. A gemstone, therefore, directly affects the life of an individual wearing it. Every Gemstone is judged by three essential qualities: Beauty, Rarity and Durability. If any of the mentioned attributes are missing, then a Gemstone is not considered to be genuine or of appreciable quality.

What are the benefits of Gemstones?

Vedic Astrology assigns great importance to the gemstones for their ability to influence a native’s stars. Gemstones have been used since time immemorial to remove hurdles that crop up because of unfavourable position of the planets in an individual’s natal chart. In ancient times, the monarchs and individuals higher up the ladder in hierarchy used to wear Gemstones to draw the best out of their lives and for victory in times of war.

To get the benefits of a Gemstone, always remember that the jewel you have bought must be authentic or it won’t be able to display the properties it is known for and can’t serve its purpose. You can, therefore, eliminate any doubt over the gem’s veracity and purchase your gemstone from mPanchang. By making your purchase here, you may rest assured about the quality and originality of the gem.

Learn about Khooni Neelam here: khooni neelam

We can offer you a complete range of Astrological Gemstones such as Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Cat's Eye, Onyx, Pearl, Hessonite, Red Coral, Amber, Labradorite, Black Agate, Gomed, Feroza, Yellow Agate among a variety of other precious stones.

Get your Gemstone now to mitigate the hardships and remove the troubles due to the malefic planets and undesirable position of the major planets in your kundali. For further references or queries, you can talk to our Astrologers immediately.

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