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What are Gemstones?

The precious minerals found in the form of stones under the Earth’s surface are known as ‘Gemstones’. These stones have the power to influence an individual’s life. It is known that every gemstone behaves as an embodiment of an Astrological planet’s energy. Therefore, a gemstone directly affects an individual’s life.

Every Gemstone must have three essential qualities, i.e., Beauty, Rarity and Durability. In case, if any of the mentioned attributes are missing, then a Gemstone is not considered to be good and genuine.

What are the benefits of Gemstones?

In Vedic Astrology, Gemstones holds a special significance. Since ages, Gemstones are used to liberate the hardships caused by positioning of various planets. In ancient times, Kings and people on higher authorities used to wear Gemstones to get benefited and victory.

To get benefited from a Gemstone, always remember that the Gemstone bought by you should be original and authentic otherwise it will not work. Hence, you can purchase your gemstone from mPanchang and stay assured about the quality and authenticity.

Here, we provide you with a variety of Astrological gemstones such as Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Cat's Eye, Onyx, Pearl, Hessonite, Red Coral, Amber, Labradorite, Black Agate, Gomed, Feroza, Yellow Agate, etc.

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