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Kundali Matching By Name

Get Free Online Kundali Matching By Name Report - Based On Nakshatras

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Kundli Matching by name, is an essential component of marriage, according to the Hindu Scriptures. It is regarded as the initial stage of marriage when the parents make the decision to match the Kundli of the boy and the girl and to make sure that the two are compatible and will stay together happily in their married life.

Horoscope matching can be done in a number of ways. The most precise procedure is the one that is performed using the time, date, and birthplace. But what if you don’t know your date, time, and birthplace? Don’t worry! When you don’t have the precise birth time, place, and location, one effective alternative method of horoscope matching is horoscope matching by name.

You can use the amazing tool through which you can get precise kundali matching by name. Although date, time, and birthplace are the most important for accurate predictions, since we know that the predictions that are based on insufficient data can affect the precision of Kundali matching. But Kundali matching by name will also provide some amazing and accurate results.

Benefits of Kundali Matching By Name

When the Kundlis of two individuals are matched, it is possible to determine whether or not a marriage will be successful. However, not everyone is aware of their exact birth date, time, and location. So shouldn’t they also be capable of using astrology to their advantage? Kundali matching by name can really be helpful in this situation. This system, which is based on conventional Vedic astrology principles, has been proven effective for marriages that have succeeded because of it. So why not reap the benefits of this method?

How accurate is Kundali Matching by Name?

The horoscope matching by name method is quite effective due to the fact that it also analyzes the horoscopes of the boy and girl for the marriage using the Guna Milan Kundali Milan system only. It analyzes the following patterns and provides precise information based on the name.

  • Male and female Nakshatra, Rashi, and Charan.
  • The boy and girl can then be placed in the appropriate category.
  • These are the Gunas that will be examined: Varna, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot, and Nadi. These are the 8 types of gunas that will be analyzed in the Kundali matching by name method.

The outcome is determined by adding up all the points given to each personality trait. In the Kundali matching system, there are a total of 36 Gunas. Depending on the results, it predicts how well the marriage will work. So, make use of the power of kundali matching by name right away!

*Additional Tip: If possible, use the name of your name-sign (naam rasi), which is preferred to get the precise Kundali matching by name.

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