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Kick-start this month by partying with your friends. It is always the best idea to have your friends and family around you during this time. You might receive some really great news on the professional or personal front during the second half of the first week, says your Gemini Monthly Horoscope. Your career and professional life has taken a back seat as you involve yourself more in the family and household matters. With the guidance of Mars, your social skills are rising considerably and it is making you more adventurous than you were ever before.

As per, the Gemini Horoscope, a strong connection in your stars is visible which indicates you to leave something behind and marks the onset of a beautiful phase of healing. The movement of Venus in your 4th House indicates home renovation. You are going to revamp the look and overall vibes of your home to beautify it according to your tastes and preferences.

Financially, it is an excellent phase for Gemini. You are boasting a strong financial portfolio, however, the expenses are also going to increase simultaneously. But, your earnings are exceeding your expenditure, so you can spend or splurge without any glitch. Your financial prospects will improve if you get involved in sales and marketing related activities. You can also make some money in a creative field and from investments.

There are certain family issues which might come out in open this month. It will give you an opportunity to make things right and mend those ties. It is going to be a phase of the trial when it comes to friendships as well. As far as romantic relationships are concerned, things can be talked out and get sorted. Singles are advised to avoid any sort of romantic alliance.

Your health condition will be slightly adverse till 20th, so be a little cautious. Take proper rest and avoid exertion to restore your energy levels. Your fitness quotient will deteriorate this month. So be a little careful and eat right. Apart from physical fitness, lay more emphasis on emotional health, as well. Join a Yoga session or practice meditation at home to calm your senses. Your interest in emotional therapies and spiritual awareness will also increase this month.

The entire month will see you giving less priority to your professional life. However, in the last week, you might have a relook at your professional dreams and goals. Strategizing your career path will again gain your attention, just take care of the details.

Overall, the month of June is great when it comes to finances. However, this month is a tad unfavorable when it comes to health and personal relationships.

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