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Gemini Monthly Horoscope forecasts that you will face issues about your family and relationships. The Sun will be positioned in the fourth house as per the Horoscope chart, and it will make the Southern hemisphere dominant. However, in the last week of the August planets will move a bit and hence we advise you not to be rigid and be flexible if you want to achieve personal and professional growth. The best part is that it will come naturally to you as it is a substantial part of your personality and you love meeting new folks and thrive in awkward social settings.

As per your Horoscope chart, the strength of your planets looks well distributed. Your interest in different areas will be the primary reason of distraction this month. So, it is advised that you work on some cherry-picked projects only and accomplish them quickly.

There are chances that you will travel this month and will be on the constant move. Mainly, you will get to travel a lot domestically, and you should always be on your toes. It will be an excellent month for students, and there are chances that they will do great in their respective fields. This will be a month when the Geminis will be engrossed in activities like family matters, enhancing academic knowledge, career advancement & innovating.

August Gemini Horoscope forecasts that you may face some turbulence regarding your career. You will have to face continuous issues in your profession. The house of career which is the 10th house in your Horoscope chart looks very bleak. The Geminis should make the optimum use of the available time to meticulously plan for the future instead of getting bothered by the ever-increasing problems. The financial position looks sound this month.

There are chances that romantic relations may get into complications this month. Those who are married will face some hiccups and may encounter problems. Those who are single, this month seems to be a desert for them as they may not get to meet someone special. The activity of Mercury retrograde will be positive, and it has particular meanings. One would be that you will be confused about your relationship that if it's worth it to stay on or not. Secondly, you would look for some spiritual healing and moral support to get rid of the ongoing confusions that have been bothering you.

The overall health prospects look good in August, but after 23rd you may suffer from some ailments. We advise you to take breaks at regular intervals and relax properly to maintain overall health levels. Please do not ever exert yourself, conserve your energy and keep your composure.

The August month is going to be very tough on you, and you may not get many benefits out of the same. However, there is an indication of positive growth in all the significant aspects of life.

Gemini Horoscope of August 2018

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