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Gemini monthly horoscope predicts the prominence of issues related to family and relationship. Horoscope chart depicts the Sun positioning itself into the fourth house making the Southern hemisphere more powerful. However, there is going to be a shift in the planetary positions towards the last week. You have to be more flexible this time around to achieve professional and personal goals. The good thing is, it will come naturally to your Gemini personality as meeting new people and countering awkward social situations is your strong suit.

Planetary strength looks evenly distributed across the horoscope chart. You will be interested in a lot of things this month which may be the reason why you might find it difficult to concentrate on anything in particular. So it’s even more important that you select a fewer projects and finish them off.

Looks like you’ll be on the move this month. Travelling, especially domestic transitions, are likely to occur so you better keep your bags packed. For students, August will bring in good news as they’ll excel in their respective disciplines. Gemini natives will be active in the areas such as career upgradation, family, academic growth, and innovation.

Career looks a bit shaky this month, predicts Gemini horoscope. You’ll be kept busy by professional issues that will keep on coming one after the other. Also, the tenth house, the house of career is looking very weak. It’s highly suggested for all the Geminis to utilize their time to make plans for the future instead of hustling demanding situations. Finances look steady.

Romantic relationships are going to get slightly complicated this month. Married couples will stumble upon a few roadblocks along the way. For singles, there is still no sign of a partner. Although this phase will last till the 24th. Things will start shaping up into something better from there on. Mercury retrograde is active this month which has two specific meanings. One, you’ll be in two minds as to whether you should continue with your relationship and two, you’ll be seeking moral and spiritual support to get rid of confusions that are running all over you.

Health looks good but only till the 23rd. It appears things can go downhill post that. You need to take appropriate breaks and relax enough to maintain good health. We advise you don’t exhaust yourself like you always do. Preserve your energy, and stay composed.

The month of August is going to be somewhat uneventful and there are hardly any events that would earn you bliss. However, all the major life aspects indicate growth.

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