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Planetary cluster is concentrated in the upper hemisphere which means mental and emotional peace will be the focus this month. Important aspects like career and finance, have to be kept on the back burner for the time being. Mainly because everything else depends on your psychological stability. Most planets are moving in the Western part of the horoscope chart. You’ll be focusing on other’s interests. But personal aspirations will still be intact as Leo is a sign of strength. It will be better if you find a balance between your own ambitions and other’s happiness.

Leos will be high on confidence and it will reflect in their personality. You’ll be upbeat about every task and there’s an incredible charisma surrounding you that would draw attention. It appears as if there is no one more attractive than you. This month sees you spending a lot of your time in fun-filled activities with family and friends. You’ll be very conscious about your appearance this month. The major areas of interest are academic pursuits, travelling, personality development, finance.

Venus is still active in your zodiac which is a sign of professional growth. Freelancers and corporate professionals will experience a significant rise in their status along with monetary benefits. For government officials, this month brings in new and exciting projects. You’ll taste success and there are more promising prospects waiting for you.

Leo horoscope foresees this month as an incredible opportunity to make money. Mercury, the planet of wealth, is on the move. It’s entry into the finance house early this month will bring in some good news. Some old investment might pay off or you might sell a piece of property for good value. Venus in the western half of the monthly chart suggests you listen to intuitions while landing on a finance related decision. It will work in your favour. Your market skills are looking absolutely phenomenal so you’ll be able to manage your assets in the best of ways. Overall, you can make use of every financially viable opportunity so this month looks like a good time to accumulate wealth.

Horoscope predicts a great month ahead for Leo love birds. Singles will be attracting a lot of potential romantic partners. However, the planet of love is constantly moving back and forth so you need to be careful before getting into anything serious or even if you’re planning a baby.

Leo horoscope predicts that this month is going to be excellent healthwise. There is nothing at all to worry about and you’ll feel more energetic and pumped the entire month.

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