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Love Calculator

Love Test

As Helen Keller had beautifully put it, “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard — they must be felt with the heart,” so is the case with love. But it would not be too much to expect to know how compatible you are with your partner.

mPanchang brings you an authentic way to calculate your Love percentage, our Love Calculator that allows you to calculate love compatibility with your partner. The Love Meter shows how successful you will be in a relationship.

Love Calculator

Find Love % Between You and Your Partner

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Love Calculator

Calculate Love Percentage of You and Your Partner Instantly

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Love Compatibility Test

Love Calculator works on the basis of certain algorithms that help calculate approximate love percentage. It is an ancient system of numerology, based on your birth date and name. It also involves and includes planetary influences — this is solely on the basis of your birth date. Based on this information, our Love Test or Love Compatibility Test gives results that have proven to be 100% accurate. The complex algorithms on which the Love Calculator is based lend authenticity to the results.

How Does Love Test Calculator Work?

Today, more and more people are plagued with doubts and queries about their relationships. The Love Calculator works like a charm each time to answer your questions, also relieving mental anxiety. Finding your Love Percentage or Love Compatibility through the Love Calculator can help build a better bond with your partner, minus the doubts. The Love Calculator, thus, is a tool to calculate the strength of your relationship through the Love Compatibility Test.

According to researchers, love doesn't let you go. Once you’re hooked on to someone, a host of love hormones and chemicals start working overtime in the brain, which is why people in love feel obsessed with a person. Thus come the comparisons of love with a drug. It’s tough to get the other person out of your head! Not surprising then, that people wish to measure this love. While there can never be a surefire way to calculate love compatibility, but you can work with certain pointers once you are in love. Whatever the results are, it’s best to let your heart and mind decide how you feel about another person.

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NOTE: The Love Calculator is solely for recreational purpose and the results are completely based on your inputs.