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Free Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Aquarius Horoscope predictions suggest that you’ll be focused on career and building a better social network. Planetary strength resides in the Northern hemisphere which means family issues can be overlooked for now. Majority of the dominating planets are in the Eastern half of the monthly horoscope chart. This is an indication that social influence will play a key role in plenty of aspects of your life. You’ll be focusing on socializing, spiritual reading, and eradicating anything that spreads negativity.

Aquarius horoscope suggest that your limping career will dash success this month. Entry of Pluto into the picture will finally take you out of the slump that was bothering you from a long time. However, you will have to work hard to achieve your targets at work but we can see you succeeding with ease. Freshers will get rewarded with great new jobs this month and with an attractive pay.

This month you need to be patient like a monk to yield good results with your finances. Planetary retrograde may bring in some tantalizing delay regarding bill payments, monetary transactions, paycheque, but you should not lose your cool under any circumstances as it will make things worse. It will be better for you in the long run run if you drop the idea of making big purchases or going out of your budget to invest a huge chunk of your savings. Your spouse will be getting in big bucks this month which will provide much-needed support to get through this period.

Singles may finally get to meet their ideal partner this month predicts Aquarius horoscope. People who are looking to settle down straight away might have to wait for some more time because it is not going to be as easy. You will socialize more than usual this month which will work in your favour if you’re looking for a partner for physical pleasure and emotional support. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and stay the real you. Married couples will be having good time and there are going to be loads of get to togethers and parties. Pregnancy can be knocking on your door in the latter half of the month.

Health looks a little delicate, suggests Aquarius horoscope. You must get yourself checked if you’re not feeling well as negligence can be consequential. Spiritual inclination will help you heal physically and emotionally. Overall, this month requires you to take good care of yourself and stay relaxed.

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