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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope predicts tremendous professional growth. The southern hemisphere is packed with planets so family and relationship aspects will be preceding over everything else this month. People close to you mainly friends, colleagues and family will be highly encouraging regarding your career decisions and financial choices. However, there is nothing significant on the family front in the first half of this month so you can focus on other important matters like finance and health.

For the first time in quite a while the monthly horoscope chart depicts dominance of Eastern half. This will result in forceful impositions and self-centered attitude. You will have the final say in everything. Monthly horoscope foresees you controlling people and situations around you.

The planetary composition suggests that career will be in the spotlight this time of the year. You will be bossing around at workplace and people will indubitably comply to your terms. However, it’s all for good as there are high odds of you getting promoted to a worthy position. You’ll be more diligent at work and this is going to help you achieve your targets even faster.

It is a great month in terms of finance and we can foresee quite a lot of monetary benefits coming your way this month. Jupiter, the planet of wealth and money, is moving in an upward direction which is a good news for people working in the field of finance. Time upto 23rd this month, looks favourable for making any investment related decision and buying property. You’ll have the added support from your family and friends in business ventures, especially if you’re planning to start something new. Pending transactions and payments will be cleared this month. However, there is a slight shift in the planetary retrograde from 23rd, so you need to be careful post that.

Singles will have a good time this month. They will get into a romantic relationship that might turn into something serious. Also, there are better job opportunities lined up for you, so new workplace may be where the magic happens. It’s highly likely that you get along with someone superior. Scorpio horoscope predicts that you will be social bird this month and it might bring you across someone special. Although for married couples, things look steady but it is advised to think twice before planning a family.

Health may suffer a minor blow this month, foretells Libra horoscope. However, things will be back on track after the 21st. You will seek spiritual help to achieve mental peace. We advise you to look after yourself and follow a healthy routine. Overall, this is going to be a fine month.

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