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Dear Gemini, it is an opportune time for love developments and social get-togethers!

It is believed that many planets have transitioned into the upper half of your zodiac and planetary chart, and through your 7th house of love this month, there are quite a few transitions according to Gemini Monthly Horoscope.

This is where Venus loves to be! This house represents harmony, beauty, and all relationships in life.

Venus transitions partnerships on the 1st of December and into your 7th house of love.

Venus in this house is extremely lucky for you as a Gemini, you are naturally drawn to others as you are always looking for that twin connection.

With old friends, you may certainly reconnect, thrive in all of your social relationships and make new ones.

This alignment will make you feel extra “affectionate” with those around you, even though you are amazing at being independent.

If you are a single Gemini, to find a special someone, it is indeed a wonderful time. You may reconnect and grow with your special someone in very intimate ways if you are in a relationship.

For dating in general, it is a wonderful month! Your planetary ruler, Mercury, your 7th house will be there in this month.

As per Gemini December Horoscope, you may have difficulty communicating with those in your relationships because of this. Something just feels off about conversations as you both know the connection is there.

You can’t quite put your finger on it and may feel like something is missing. This will pass in a few weeks time, don’t worry, and later on during the month, you will be more level-headed in communication.

There is a full moon in your sign on December 3rd. You may catch off guard by interactions with others and feel extra emotional today.

Talkative Gemini, even though you strive for communication, a lot of feelings to the surface will be pushed by the full Moon.

You can expect today to be chock full of conversations if there are things you have not said to friends, coworkers, loved ones, family members, both negative and positive.

About having more serious conversations, you might feel nervous, but to release old energies, Moon is trying to help you to make room for new opportunities!

Jupiter also remains in the houses of work, responsibilities, and service which is the 6th house. In a charitable opportunity, this is a great time to invest!

This month, Jupiter will make sure that finances are stable being the planet of good fortune.

If you simply want to volunteer or are passionate about a specific cause like to help out your community, then you will enjoy giving so much more than receiving this month as Jupiter will ensure the same.

The Universe encourages you to channel this energy to make positive changes in the world as you are already are very generous!

As Mars is on your side, it will help you get anything done that you wish to accomplish and will back you.

Favorable Numbers: 1, 5, 11, 19, 29

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