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Ashwin Amavasya
Panchang for Ashwin Amavasya
Choghadiya Muhurat on Ashwin Amavasya

Ashwin Amavasya - Rituals and Significance

Pitru Paksha is observed in the Bhadrapada month on the first day of Krishna Paksha and continues for fifteen days till the time of the new moon.

This new moon during Bhadrapada is called as Ashwin Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya which signifies the beginning of the celebration of Durga Puja. It is regarded as one of the most significant days among the complete period of Pitru Paksha of fifteen days. On this day, the individuals commemorate their forefathers or ancestors and also thank them for what all they have done for their successors.

Rituals of Ashwin Amavasya

On the eve of Ashwin Amavasya, Shraddha rituals and tarpan are performed for the deceased ancestors.

  • On this particular day, the individuals wake up early in the morning and perform all the morning rituals. The individuals wear yellow colored clothes and also offer food and clothes to the Brahmin and make donations.
  • Usually, the Shraddha ceremony is performed by the most senior male member of the family.
  • The observers are required to clean the feet of the Brahmins and make them sit in a holy place.
  • Individuals worship and offer prayers to their ancestors by offering them flowers, Diya, and dhoop.
  • A mixture of barley and water is also offered to the ancestors in order to please them.
  • The observer then wears a sacred thread on their right shoulder.
  • After concluding with the puja rituals, the Brahmins are served the special meals.
  • The observers also sprinkle sesame seeds where the Brahmin is seated
  • To invoke the blessings of the forefathers or ancestors, mantras are recited on a continuous basis.
  • The observers show gratitude to the ancestors who have contributed much for the lives of the individuals and also ask for apologies and pray for their salvation and peace.

Significance of Ashwin Amavasya

  • The Ashwin Amavasya rituals possess high significance as the observers attain divine blessings, good fortune, and immense prosperity.
  • The observers are bestowed with the divine blessings of Lord Yama and the family members are also saved from any kind of evils or obstacles.
  • On this spiritual day, it is believed that the ancestors visit the places of observers and if all the shraddha rituals are not performed then they return back unhappily. So, it is important to offer them prayers along with food and water to please them and to seek their blessings.
  • As per the Astrological science, it is believed that the past sins or wrong deeds of the ancestors are reflected in the horoscope of their children under the name of Pitru Dosha. And because of this, the children suffer a lot of bad experiences in their lifetime. By observing the rituals, this dosha can be removed and also the blessings of forefathers can be attained.

Benefits of Ashwin Amavasya

  • It helps in getting the blessings of Lord Yama
  • The family of the observers gets free from all type of sins and obstacles in their lives
  • It helps in relieving the souls of the forefathers and supports them in attaining salvation
  • It blesses the children with a prosperous and long life.