2020 Shani Jayanti

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Shani Jayanti
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Shani Jayanti - Significance and Rituals

About Shani Jayanti

The festival of Shani Jayanti or Shri Shanaishcar Janma Diwas is celebrated in the honor of Lord Shani (Saturn) as it is regarded as the birth anniversary of the deity. On this particular day, at various places, women also observe a fast of Vat Savitri.

When is Shani Jayanti?

As per the Hindu calendar, Shani Jayanti is celebrated in the month of Jyestha on Amavasya Tithi. According to the Gregorian calendar, the day falls in the month of May or June.

What is The Significance of Shani Jayanti?

Saturn is considered as the slowest moving planet as per celestial movements. Hence, Astrologically there is a vital and huge significance about where this planet is positioned. Saturn is usually regarded as a planet which has malefic effects on the lives of the natives and thus people are scared of it.

But the fact is that this slow-moving planet is the planet of Karma. It offers success only to people who have undergone penance, hardships, and struggle and worked in their life through hard work, discipline, and sincere efforts. Whether an individual will be blessed or will be prone to bad luck, depends upon his/her deeds done in the past and the present lives.

Lord Shani is just and fair and gives the natives the result of their own Karma. Shani is considered as the Lord of the West and he is also popular by various other names including Sauri, Manda, Neel, Yama, Kapilaksha, and Chhata Sunu.

It is believed that all individuals go through a phase of Shani Sade Sati once in their lifetime and that is the time when they experience the most complex struggles of their life. However, if your deeds are good then Lord Shani will bestow his blessings during this period helping you to attain success and get relieved from such pain and hardships.

Hence, Hindus tend to worship and offer prayers to Lord Shani to please him and alleviate its malefic effects. People facing Sade Sati should offer regular prayers to the deity. By fasting on the day of Shani Jayanti and visiting the temples of Lord Shani, devotees are bestowed with good fortune.

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What are The Rituals of Shani Jayanti?

  • On the day of Shani Jayanti, devotees perform a special Puja ceremony, Yajna, or Homa which are usually conducted in Shani temples or Navagraha temples.
  • Before initiating with the rituals, the devotees clean the place of worship and also the idol of the deity. Cleaning is done with water, oil, panchamrit and Gangajal.
  • The idol is adorned with a neck piece comprising the nine precious gems known as Navratna Haar and after that puja is commenced.
  • In order to please the deity and attain success in life, devotees recite Shani Path or Shani Strotra.
  • Devotees are also required to make donations of mustard oil, sesame seeds, and black colored clothes on the day of Shani Jayanti to live a life free from obstacles and hurdles.

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What are The Benefits of Observing a Shani Jayanti Fast?

By observing a fast on the day of Shani Jayanti, devotees get blessed in several ways:

  • Devotees tend to win over their enemies and adversities
  • Devotees get protection from the harmful, negative, and evil forces
  • It also supports in religious growth of the devotees
  • Devotees get saved from the malefic effects of the planet Saturn
  • Devotees also get rid of debts and loans.

It is an immensely auspicious day in Hindu religion and should be observed with utmost devotion to alleviate oneself from the harmful effects of Lord Shani.