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2024 Ashadha Amavasya

date  2024
Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Ashadha Amavasya
Panchang for Ashadha Amavasya
Choghadiya Muhurat on Ashadha Amavasya

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What is Ashadha Amavasya? 

No moon day or Amavasya tithi that falls in the month of Ashada is celebrated as Ashadha Amavasya. As per Hindu Panchang, Ashadha is the fourth month of Hindu year which corresponds to June or July month in the Gregorian calendar.

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What is the Significance of Ashadha Amavasya ?

Here are the following facts that reveal the Ashadha Amavasya importance in Hindu faith. 

  • According to Hindi traditions, Ashada Amavasya is an exceptionally promising day when people take bath in sacred rivers or lakes or ponds.
  • On this auspicious occasion, they give offerings to their ancestors and in the night embellish the lights with various brilliant hues. They also observe Ashadha Amavasya Vrat for the peace of the dead souls. It is believed that for Pithru Tharpan and Pinda Pradaan, Ashadha Amavasya significance is considered very great.
  • It is said that on this day, our dead ancestors or Pitru visits the Earth and thus all our worship or offerings or donations performed by us reaches them. Offering prayers to our Pitru on Ashadha Amavasya bestows prosperity and peace to the native. It also makes them free from any Pitru Dosha or Grah Dosha or Shani Dosha present in their Janam Kundali.
  • Rituals like “Tila Tarpanam” or offering to the dead and “Annadanam” or donating food to hungry people on Ashadha Amavasya fulfills all the desires of the natives.
  • As per Garuda Puran, observing Ashadha Amavasya Vrat and performing Ashadha Amavasya Puja or doing charity on this day mitigates all the defects that are present in a native’s Birth chart.

What are the Rituals To Perform Ashadha Amavasya Puja?

  • Observe Amavasya Vratham and take a bath in the sacred rivers or ponds or lakes. 
  • Worship Pipal Tree and light up Diyas or earthen lamps. Reciting Mantras while lighting up diyas and worshipping Pipal tree is believed to offer relief from all the troubles. 
  • Offer prayers to ancestors or donate food to needy people remembering your ancestors. 
  • Shiva Puja, Pipal Puja, Shani Shanti Puja and Hanuman Puja should be performed. 

How Ashadha Amavasya is Celebrated?

  • On this specific day, the vast majority of the Hindus clean their home and all the diyas that they have in their family. The Ashadha Amavasya Puja is likewise committed to Ishta Devata of one's decision.
  • On Ashada Amavasya day, Deepa Puja is the real custom that is performed by the Hindus. This specific puja is to a great extent devoted to the Hindu god of Pancha Maha Bhoota that is the five primordial components; they are Air, Water, Fire, Sky and the earth.
  • It is to be noticed that Chourang is a table utilized as a part of the custom of Deepa puja. This table is cleaned well and enriched with various hues and kolam (rangoli) plans on its surface.
  • All the diyas or deepams are put in a legitimate way on the table and lit completely keeping in mind the end goal to perform pooja.
  • It is to be remembered that on Ashada Amavasya's night the same diyas or deepams are lit and placed around the house as it is done upon the arrival of deepavali celebration. As indicated by the Hindu religious researcher and savants, it is unequivocally trusted that the light's radiations from the diyas will flawlessly drive out every single terrible power and the insidiousness. Then again, it will welcome new splendor and positive vitality into their life.
  • In specific cases, the aficionados on the guidance of Acharaya commit this puja to Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Parvati or Goddess Lakshmi.

Amavasya fasting Days

According to the Hindu calendar, starting from Chaitra month (March-April), the No Moon Day falls throughout the year. Here is the list of Amavasya days other than Ashadha Amavasya.


Hindu Month

Amavasya Vrat Name and Same Day Festival



Chaitra Amavasya



Vaishakha Amavasya



Jyeshtha Amavasya, Darsha Bhavuka Amavasya, Shani Jayanti, Vat Savitri Vrat



Ashadha Amavasya



Shravana Amavasya



Bhadrapada Amavasya, Pithori Amavasya



Ashwin Amavasya, Sarva Pitru Amavasya, Sarvapitri Darsha Amavasya



Kartika Amavasya, Diwali, Lakshmi Puja



Margashirsha Amavasya



Paush Amavasya



Magha Amavasya, Mauni Amavas



Phalguna Amavasya

If Amavasya falls on Monday - Somvati Amavasya

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