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Today Choghadiya Choghadiya
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Choghadiya Today

February 10, 2021

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New Delhi, NCT, India

Today Choghadiya | Shubh Choghadiya

Today's Choghadiya timing for New Delhi, NCT, India is given below showing auspicious shubh muhurat for Wednesday, February 10, 2021.

  • Inauspicious Time
  • Good
  • Most Auspicious
  • Rahu Kaalm
    Rahu Kaal

Day Choghadiya

Muhurat Time
Recommended Activity


07:06 - 08:28

Start new business, Education


08:28 - 09:50

All type of works (Specially Milk Product Related)

Kaal Kaal Vela

09:50 - 11:12

Machine, Construction and Agriculture related activities


11:12 - 12:34

Marriage, Religious, Education activities

Rog Vaar Vela  rahu kaal

12:34 - 13:56

Debate, Contest, Dispute Settlement


13:56 - 15:18

Government related work


15:18 - 16:40

Travel, Beauty/Dance/Cultural activities


16:40 - 18:02

Start new business, Education

Night Choghadiya

Muhurat Time
Recommended Activity


18:02 - 19:40

Government related work


19:40 - 21:18

Marriage, Religious, Education activities


21:18 - 22:56

All type of works (Specially Milk Product Related)


22:56 - 00:34, 11 February

Travel, Beauty/Dance/Cultural activities


00:34 - 02:12, 11 February

Debate, Contest, Dispute Settlement


02:12 - 03:50, 11 February

Machine, Construction and Agriculture related activities


03:50 - 05:28, 11 February

Start new business, Education


05:28 - 07:05, 11 February

Government related work

Know about today’s Choghadiya (Aaj Ka Choghadiya) with accurate Choghadiya table and determine the most auspicious times in a day. Choghadiya can foretell the today's shubh muhurat or the best time if you’re beginning something new, or starting a journey. As the name suggests, Choghadiya or Chaughadiya, which is the Vedic Hindu Calendar, is the ‘four ghadi’ comprising 96 minutes, with each ghadi being equivalent to 24 minutes.

Aaj ka Choghadiya New Delhi (आज का चौघड़िया), Wednesday, February 10, 2021

If you want to know about din ka Choghadiya, Today Choghadiya table is constructed to check aaj ka shubh choghadiya muhurat prior to your new commencements. Choghadiya today timings are based on your current date and location.

Important Shubh muhurat Today

You can know about shubh muhurat today if you are planning for marriage, mundan ceremony, name giving, purchasing a new vehicle, property, starting a new business and much more. Shubh choghadiya is the best time of today. You can also know about the shubh muhurat for tomorrow here.

Auspicious Time Today

If you want to know about today’s auspicious time, Shubh, Labh, Char and Amrit are acknowledged as the most prominent Choghadiyas. As per the hindu calendar, Amrit is the most auspicious period for any type of work, Labh is the right fit for the people who wish to start a new business or wish to excel in the field of education. Shubh time today is the perfect time for marriage, education and religious activities and Char timing is best suited for Traveling, Dance or Cultural activities.

Auspicious work is absolutely prohibited in the Rahu Kaal. See today's Rahu period, the right time of the beginning and the end, and the ways to avoid it.  Rahu Kaal

What is Choghadiya?

Choghadiya is the vedic astrological time guide that provides knowledge about the Shubh muhurat of 24 hours. It divides each day and night into 8 equal periods. The time from sunrise to sunset is called day time choghadiya or din ka choghadhiya and the time between sunset to sunrise next day is called night time choghadiya or raat ka choghadiya. Astrologically, 24 hours are divided into 16 time divisions and are assigned to seven types of Choghadiya. Within 24 hours, there will be at least two Choghadiyas of the same type which are repeated three times in a day.

Din ka Choghadiya for weekdays assumes sunrise at 6:00 AM. There are eight Choghadiyas in the daytime. Daytime Choghadiya lasts for 12 hours. Save the Din ka Choghadiya to know the Shubh and Ashubh Muhurat of day time.


Raat ka Choghadiya for weekdays assumes sunset to be at 6:00 PM. Like Din ka Choghadiya, there are eight Choghadiyas in the night time as well. Night time Choghadiya duration is for 12 hours. Save the Raat ka Choghadiya to track the Shubh Muhurat Today.


Choghadiya Meaning

Meaning of Choghadiya is four ghadi sums to 96 minutes. Derived from Hindi words, Choghadiya comprises “Chau”, means four and “ghadi” means time duration. It is also known as “Chaturshtika Muhurat”. There are seven good and bad Choghadiya astrologically. They are,

  • Udveg Choghadiya - In Choghadiya, Udveg is the first muhurat which is ruled by planet Sun. This ghadi is considered inauspicious. However, performing government related work in Udveg yields fruitful results. 
  • Labh Choghadiya - Labh is the second Choghadiya that is ruled by planet Mercury. This duration is considered auspicious and is very appropriate to begin any commercial or educational related work.
  • Char Choghadiya - Ruled by Venus, Char is the third Choghadiya that is considered as shubh Muhurat for travel purposes.
  • Rog Choghadiya - The fourth Muhurat of Choghadiya, Rog is ruled by Planet Mars. In this in-auspicious time, one should not begin any good work or take medical consultation. War and enemy conflicts occur in this duration. 
  • Shubh Choghadiya - Shubh Choghadiya is ruled by planet Jupiter and is considered very auspicious for performing any task. Marriages, Puja, Yagya and other religious activities should be performed during this time. 
  • Kaal Choghadiya - Kaal is an in-auspicious Choghadiya that is ruled by the malefic planet Saturn. For wealth accumulation, this period is considered as Shubh Muhurat or fruitful timing. 
  • Amrit Choghadiya - The last Muhurat of Choghadiya is ruled by the planet the Moon. This is the most auspicious timings of the day. Anything done in this duration yields positive outcomes.

Difference between today's choghadiya (aaj ka Choghadiya) and today shubh muhurat (aaj ka shubh muhurat)?

Today shubh muhurat or Shubh Muhurat today or aaj ka shubh samay is the time which is determined by calculating planetary positions. Marriages, Pujas, inauguration, opening of shops or any auspicious work is done after analyzing today Shubh Muhurat. There can be many Muhurats in a month or there are chances that there won’t be a single Shubh Muhurat in a day. Whereas, today Choghadiya or Choghadiya today or aaj ka Choghadiya shares the information about the auspicious time or Shubh Muhurat in a day. Choghadiya comes every day and divides a day into 8 parts consisting of Shubh Muhurat and Ashubh Muhurat.

How Today, Aaj ka Choghadiya is Calculated?

Today Choghadiya or Aaj ka Choghadiya Muhurat is calculated by dividing day and night into eight equal parts. Since there are seven Choghadiyas, each six Chaughadiyas get one division while the one Choghadiya gets 2 divisions. Each division or period of Choghadiya approximately equals four Ghadi.

The sequence of Daytime and night time Choghadiya varies for each week day but remains the same for that specific day. For instance, the sequence of Choghadiya for Monday will be different from Tuesday and Tuesday sequence will be different from Wednesday sequence. But the sequence for each Monday, each Tuesday and other following weekdays will be the same.

Day's Choghadiya Table

*Assuming sunrise is at 6:00 AM

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
From 6:00 AM Udveg Amrit Rog Labh Shubha Char Kaal
From 7:30 AM Char Kaal Udveg Amrit Rog Labh Shubha
From 9:00 AM Labh Shubha Char Kaal Udveg Amrit Rog
From 10:30 AM Amrit Rog Labh Shubha Char Kaal Udveg
From 12:00 PM Kaal Udveg Amrit Rog Labh Shubha Char
From 1:30 PM Shubha Char Kaal Udveg Amrit Rog Labh
From 3:00 PM Rog Labh Shubha Char Kaal Udveg Amrit
From 4:30 PM Udveg Amrit Rog Labh Shubha Char Kaal

Night's Choghadiya Table

*Assuming sunset is at 6:00 PM

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
From 6:00 AM Shubha Char Kaal Udveg Amrit Rog Labh
From 7:30 AM Amrit Rog Labh Shubha Char Kaal Udveg
From 9:00 AM Char Kaal Udveg Amrit Rog Labh Shubha
From 10:30 AM Rog Labh Shubha Char Kaal Udveg Amrit
From 12:00 PM Kaal Udveg Amrit Rog Labh Shubha Char
From 1:30 PM Labh Shubha Char Kaal Udveg Amrit Rog
From 3:00 PM Udveg Amrit Rog Labh Shubha Char Kaal
From 4:30 PM Shubha Char Kaal Udveg Amrit Rog Labh

Choghadiya FAQs

1. What does Choghadiya mean?

The term Choghadiya is a combination of two words — Cho, i.e. four, and Ghadiya, i.e. Ghadi. Each Ghadi, as per Hindu time, is equivalent to 24 minutes. There are 30 Ghadis from sunrise to sunset which is divided by 8. So, there are 8 Day Choghadiya Muhurats and 8 Night Choghadiya Muhurats. A Choghadiya is equivalent to 4 Ghadis (approximately 96 minutes). So, one Choghadiya lasts for about 1.5 hours.

2. What are the different types of Choghadiya Muhurat?

In Hindu Vedic Astrology, there are seven types of Choghadiya

  • Amrit, Shubh, Labh Choghadiya - These three time periods are the most auspicious durations and all important events should be commenced during these phases.
  • Char Choghadiya - It is considered a good Choghadiya
  • Udveg, Kaal, Rog Choghadiya - These are the inauspicious time durations and every auspicious work should be strictly avoided during these phases.

3. What are Vaar Vela, Kaal Vela, Kaal Ratri?

Vaar Vela, Kaal Vela and Kaal Ratri are the times during the day when no auspicious work should be done. Any auspicious work, if commenced during these timings, will not be successful. Vaar Vela and Kaal Vela occur during the day whereas Kaal Ratri is prevalent at night.

4. What if an auspicious Choghadiya Muhurat coincides with the inauspicious times of Vela, Kaal or Ratri?

In Hindu Astrology, it is advised that no auspicious work should be done during Rahu Kaal, Vaar Vela, Kaal Vela or Kaal Ratri. Even if these timings coincide with the most auspicious Choghadiya Muhurat, it is always better to postpone the work.

5. How is good Choghadiya and bad Choghadiya determined?

Whether a Choghadiya is auspicious or inauspicious is determined by the influence of the planet on it at that particular time. If the planet is malefic, it is a bad Choghadiya and if the planet is beneficial, it is a good Choghadiya.

It also depends on the day of the week, as the first Choghadiya of the day is associated with the ruling planet or deity of the day.

Day of the Week

Ruling Planet















So, the first and last Muhurat of the day are influenced by the Lord planet of the weekday and then followed by the rest of the planets.

6. How to identify meaning of different Choghadiya in a Choghadiya table?




Amrit Choghadiya is the time under the influence of Moon. Moon is considered a beneficial planet in Hindu Vedic Astrology. So, Amrit Choghadiya is regarded as a highly auspicious time in Hindu Astrology. This time is considered beneficial for all types of occasions or work.


Shubh Choghadiya is the time under the influence of Jupiter. In Hindu Astrology, Jupiter is a beneficial planet, making it a Shubh Muhurat. Shubh Choghadiya is often taken into account for all auspicious occasions, especially for determining marriage dates and conducting marriage ceremonies.


Labh is a Choghadiya time under the influence of Mercury. Mercury is regarded as a beneficial planet, thus the duration under its influence is considered auspicious. It is an auspicious time but is an exceptionally fruitful time if one wants to start any new learning or acquire new skills or start an education or a course.


Char Choghadiya is associated with the planet Venus. Hindu Astrology considers the influence of Venus quite auspicious. So, the time under its influence, known as Char or Chanchal is often considered for auspicious works. Venus is the planet of movement, so, people look at Char Choghadiya to determine the best time to travel.


Udveg Choghadiya is the time under the influence of Sun. In Hindu Vedic Astrology, Sun is a malefic planet and has adverse effects. Thus, it’s advisable to avoid auspicious work or new starts during Udveg. However, Udveg Choghadiya is considered to be beneficial in government-related matters.


Kaal Choghadiya is associated with the planet Saturn. In Hindu Astrology, Saturn is believed to be a malefic planet and the time under its influence is known as Kaal Choghadiya. No auspicious work should be done during this time. However, if the new work is expected to result in accumulation of wealth or is related to the same, it can be performed during this time.


Rog Choghadiya is associated with the planet Mars. According to Hindu Vedic Astrology, Mars is not regarded as a beneficial planet. This planet has negative energy and no auspicious work is done during the time under its influence. While falling under the influence of Mars, Rog Choghadiya is often recommended at the time of War, or if one wants to defeat their enemy.

Using Choghadiya and Panchang, one can find Daily Choghadiya as well as Weekly Choghadiya along with accurate information on Vaar Vela, Kaal Ratri and Kaal Vela. Use the Daily Choghadiya table to find out about the Shubh Muhurat in a day. Planning important work with reference to Choghadiya is a way to ensure success and prosperity in every endeavor that you undertake.

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