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Gupt Navratri 2017 Dates

Navratri originated from the Sanskrit language which means ‘Nine Nights’ in English. There are mainly four Navratras which are highly observed in India, namely Ashwin Navratri, Vasanta Navaratri, Magha Navaratri and Ashadh Navratri.

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Gupt Navratri 2017 begins on June 24th and ends on July 4th. All the details are provided here.

When is Gupt Navratri in 2017?

Gupt Navratri DatesNavratri DayGoddess Puja Form
24th June Amavasya Ghatasthapana, Shailputri Puja
25th June Dwitiya Brahmacharini Puja
26th June Tritiya Chandraghanta Puja
27th June Chaturthi Kushmanda Puja
28th June Panchami Skandamata Pujan
29th June Shashthi Katyayani Puja
30th June Saptami Kalaratri Pujan
1st July Ashtami Mahagauri Pujan, Durga Ashtami, Sandhi Puja
2nd July Navami Siddhidatri Pujan
3rd July Dashmi Navratri Parana

The word Gupt is derived from the Hindi language which means ‘hidden’. On the day of Gupt Navratri, the believers perform various illegitimate rituals, such as Tantrism (Spirit calling), Vashikaran (An act of possession) and Videshan (to cause harm in the other’s life). The Gupt Navratri Puja is performed in nine different forms worshipping Goddess Shakti. Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri are the nine forms in which Gupt Navratri Puja is performed.

Gupt Navratri is also known as Banada Ashtami. It starts with Pausha Shukla Ashtami and ends on Paush Purnima. Meaning: ‘Gupt’ signifies secret or hidden. This Navratri is performed secretly and Maa Durga is worshipped on this day but very privately. This secret worshipping is very powerful and brings results for those who observe it with full dedication.

Significance of Gupt Navratri: People who perform Tantra Vidya know the real significance of this Navratri. It’s meant for hidden worship. Tantriks practice this Puja so that they can attain spiritual powers. Worshipping Goddess Durga during this festival results into prosperity. Story behind this festival It is believed that two Tantriks Vishwamitra and Vashishta started Sadhna but they were unable to receive it with proper perfection and hence their efforts went in vain. They then found out the time in the year where they could get desired results. That same period is called Gupt Navratri where a person can perform Puja and get desired results. Since then these nine days are devoted to Goddess Shakti secretly.

Rituals of Gupt Navratri: One should take a bath before Sunrise on all the nine days. One should clean up the place of worship and place pictures of Goddess Shakti on a red cloth and can even decorate the worship place. Light up incense and sprinkle Ganga Jal. One should recite few mantras as well. Benefits. Prosperity in wealth, fortune & welfare. Monetary profits by honoring Goddess Durga. Free from obstacles in business. Success in education, career. Successful love life, great partner and happy marriage.