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2024 Upang Lalita Vrat

date  2024
Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Upang Lalita Vrat
Panchang for Upang Lalita Vrat
Choghadiya Muhurat on Upang Lalita Vrat

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Upang Lalita Vrat - Significance, Story And Rituals

The occasion of Lalita Panchami is dedicated to worship Goddess Lalita. The festival is observed on the fifth day (Panchami) in the Ashwin month during ‘Shukla Paksha’ as per the Hindu calendar. The devotees observe a fast on the eve of Lalita Panchami in honor of Goddess Lalita which is popularly known as ‘Upang Lalita Vrat’.

As per the Hindu beliefs and mythology, Goddess Lalita is regarded as one of the most vital Mahavidyas out of all the ten. Goddess Lalita is also popular as ‘Tripura Sundari’ and ‘Shodashi’. The fast is observed on the eve of Lalita Panchami which is celebrated on the very fifth day of Navratri festival.

What is the significance of Upang Lalita Vrat?

As per the Hindu mythology, the religious significance of Upang Lalita Vrat and Lalita Panchami is described in ‘Kalika Purana’. According to the beliefs, Lalita Devi appeared on the eve of Lalita Panchami in order to defeat ‘Bhanda’, a demon who was created with the ashes of Kamadeva.

Being an avatar of Goddess Durga, Lalita Devi is associated with the five elements (Pancha Mahabhutas). Goddess Lalita is also regarded as Goddess Chandi in the states of Southern India. It is believed that, the devotees who observe a fast of Upang Lalita usher in happiness in their life and get relieved from all their troubles. Goddess Lalita blesses the devotees with success and contentment.

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What is the legend of Upang Lalita Vrat?

As per the Kalika Purana, Lalita Devi is from Gaur Varna, has two hands and sits on a lotus.

As the legend has it, Devi Sati got married to Lord Shiva. Once, the father of Devi Sati, King Daksha, arranged a Yagya where he had invited all the deities except Lord Shiva and Devi Sati. Because of this, she got hurt and unable to bear such insult of her husband, Devi Sati jumped into fire. Knowing this, Lord Shiva carried the body of Devi Sati on his shoulders and started performing Tandava. To calm down the anger of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu dissected the body of Devi Sati in a total of 108 parts through his Sudarshan Chakra. Wherever the body parts of Devi Sati fell Shaktipeeths were formed. Devi Sati then appeared as Lingadharini and was revered as Goddess Lalita.

As per another legend, Goddess Lalita presented on the earth when Lord Brahma was destroying the ‘Patal Lok’. The world started getting submerged into water. All the sages worshipped Goddess Lalita to seek her help. At that point of time, Goddess Lalita appeared and saved the universe from destruction.

How do we celebrate Upang Lalita Vrat?

Observing a Upang Lalita Vrat is one of the most significant rituals which is performed on the eve of Lalita Panchami. By observing the fast, the devotees get blessed with power and immense strength.

  • The devotees perform specific pujas and other special rituals in order to please Goddess Lalita.
  • At some specific regions, several community pujas are performed where the female devotees offer prayers to the deity.
  • Along with Goddess Lalita, the devotees worship Goddess Skandamata and Lord Shiva.
  • On the eve of Lalita Panchami, number of devotees gather together in temples of Lalita Devi to offer their prayers.
  • Grand fairs are organized which evokes a lot of enthusiasm and zeal among the devotees.
  • The devotees recite Vedic mantras which are dedicated to Lalita Devi to get rid of all kinds of troubles and difficulties in their life.

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