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2024 Navpatrika Puja

date  2024
Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Navpatrika Puja
Panchang for Navpatrika Puja
Choghadiya Muhurat on Navpatrika Puja

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Navpatrika Puja (Kolabou Puja) - Significance And Rituals

The ritual of Navpatrika Puja or Nabapatrika Puja is also widely popular as Maha Saptami and is regarded as the very first day of the occasion of Durga Puja. As per the Hindu beliefs, a medium is required for invoking the spirit of Goddess Durga. And, the living mediums are the sources by which devotees can have an interaction with the Gods and Goddesses. These mediums help in paying homage and interacting with the divinity. On the day of Bilva Nimantran, Goddess Durga is invoked in the branches of Bilva tree and then only Durga Puja is performed.

The symbolism of Nine Plants

  • Banana tree and its stem and leaves symbolize Goddess Brahmani
  • Kacchi, Kacchi or the Kachu plant symbolizes the Goddess Kali
  • The yellow colored Turmeric plant symbolizes Goddess Durga
  • Jayanti plant and its leaves symbolize Goddess Kartiki
  • The Bilva plant, its branch, and leaves symbolize Lord Shiva
  • The pomegranate plant symbolizes Goddess Raktadantika
  • The Ashoka tree and its leaves symbolize Goddess Sokarahita
  • The Manaka plant symbolizes Goddess Chamunda
  • The Rice Paddies symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi

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Nabapatrika Puja: Celebrations and Rituals

On the eve of Maha Saptami, in a group of nine different plants, Goddess Durga is invoked and thus this day is called as Navpatrika. Navpatrika is formed by combining the branch of Bilva tree with the nine distinct plants. Then the Navpatrika is offered a holy bath in the sacred water body, adorned with orange or red colored cloth and afterwards it is installed on a wooden plank in the right side of Goddess Durga.

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The ritual of Maha Saptami Puja initiates with the auspicious ritual of Mahasnan.

  • For observing the ritual of Mahasnan, the devotees place a mirror in such a manner that the reflection of Goddess Durga is seen in it.
  • The reflection of Goddess Durga in the mirror is offered the holy and ritualistic bath by taking several puja essentials.
  • Once, the devotees have completed the holy bath ceremony, then the ritual is carried by the observance of Prana Pratishta and Shodashopachara Puja where the Goddess is worshipped and praised with sixteen different Puja essentials.
  • In the states of West Bengal, the Nabapatrika Puja is also popular by the name of Kolabou Puja.

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