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Diwali Rangoli 2024

Diwali Rangoli

Updated Date : Wednesday, 03 Jan, 2024 07:16 AM

Importance of Rangoli in Diwali

When the Diwali festivity goes on in full swing, the most appealing thing which fascinates and charms the guests is the vibrant and colorful Rangoli drawn at the entrance...

The traditional arts might have been replaced with the contemporary artistry, but still, the importance and creativity of Rangoli last forever…!!

Diwali is a vibrant festival and its vibrancy is best depicted in the form of Rangolis. A beautiful and colorful art that is drawn on the entrance of every home during the time of Diwali. It is perhaps the most traditional way to decorate one’s home. These bright and vibrant colors usher in positivity, enthusiasm, and joy in every household.

Rangolis and the Festival of Diwali is a phenomenal blend which wins the hearts and catches the attention of everyone. It is not just a creative art but is being practiced since ages as a ritual and tradition. It has a deep religious significance and a spiritual belief associated with it.


Rangoli, if broken down in two words give us ‘Rang’ and ‘Avali’. Rang meaning colors and Avali meaning a row which eventually implies a ‘Row of colors’. As per the Hindu beliefs, the vibrant colors are spread at the entrance in the form of Rangoli to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and benevolence.

It is also popular with the names of Kolam, Aripana, Mandana, and Alpona in different states and cultures of the country. The materials, rangoli designs and the patterns vary from place to place as per the culture and traditions followed by the people.

It is observed that people draw rangolis with pulses, grains, petals, flowers, dry colors, and rice powder. But the reason behind the making of such alluring art is the same.

Drawing of Goddess Lakshmi footprints and Swastik are considered as the most pious forms of Rangoli.

Spiritual Significance of Rangoli

It is believed that there are some or other spiritual benefits and perspectives linked with these colorful drawings. The scriptures state that with the change in the pattern, design, and color, there are simultaneous changes that take place in the energies and vibrations that a Rangoli emanates.

rangoli designs for diwali

These sacred Diwali rangoli drawings made at the entrance possess the power to fetch the attention of the deities and also to transmit positive energies. Rangoli decorations are spiritually considered as the energy centers which have certain positive effects. These beautiful rangoli designs help in creating the pools of energy which arouse and channelize some kind of positive energy in people.

Religious Significance of Rangoli

In Hinduism, all the rituals, religious gestures, and traditions possess a deeper meaning. The splendid Rangolis are not merely for the beautification of the homes but these designs have the power to instill a positive atmosphere in the house and restrict all sort of negative energies or evil spirits from entering your homes.

These rangoli drawings are made to usher in positivity in the houses and this is why devotees draw them in an optimistic and constructive manner. This decorative art symbolizes vibrancy, positivity, joy, love and prosperity and thus it is considered highly auspicious to draw them at entrances of homes.

Contemporary and Modern Art Rangolis

Change is something which remains perpetual. In past decades, people used to emphasize on the significance of the rangoli designs but in the modern world, more emphasis is laid on aesthetics and beauty.

In earlier times, there were only used natural colors, kumkum, turmeric, rice flours and other natural things to make Diwali rangolis. But in the contemporary world, dry artificial colors are used to have different tints and shades for making the rangoli more beautiful and appealing.

The rangoli designs which are chosen by several artists possess diverse religious implications. These beautiful and majestic Diwali rangoli patterns & drawings have passed from one generation to another. This is the reason that rangolis are still an integral part of Indian culture and is made as cultural art to keep the tradition alive.

diwali special rangoli

The designs of rangolis vary from being an impression of the deity to petal shape, simple geometric shape or flower shape. People tend to complicate these rangoli designs by giving them a modern and contemporary touch.

Here are images of rangoli designs for diwali decoration you can take a cue from :

diwali rangoli patterns

Festival of Diwali would remain incomplete without the appealing and vibrant rangolis. The trend and ritual of making Rangolis at the time of Diwali will continue forever like this only…!!

diwali rangoli images

Diwali celebrations in Tamil Nadu known as Tamil Deepavali, celebrated on Chaturdashi tithi.

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