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Bhau Beej
Panchang for Bhau Beej
Choghadiya Muhurat on Bhau Beej

Significance of Bhau Beej Festival

Bhaubeej or Bhai Dooj is the fourth and final day of Diwali festivity.

On the day of Bhau Beej, sisters pray for their brothers long and healthy life by putting a tilak of Kumkum on his forehead and feist him with a piece of sweet.

Sisters perform an Aarti on her brother and the flame of the diya marks the sisterly love that is supposed to protect the brother from all the obstacles in life.

In return, brothers pamper their sisters by presenting them with gifts in the form of chocolates, jewelry, money, etc.

Bhai dooj is usually observed on the second day of the new moon day. Bhai Dooj is comprised of two words i.e., ‘Bhai’ which means ‘brother’ and ‘Dooj’ which means ‘second-day post new moon day’.

This day is marked with different names in various parts of the country. In Northern Indian, it is known as ‘Bhai Dooj’ while in the Eastern sides of the country, it is known as‘Bhai Phonta’.

We wish you a very Happy Bhai Dooj.