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How to make Designer Rakhi at Home

How to make Designer Rakhi at Home

Updated Date : Friday, 31 Jul, 2020 10:07 AM

Rakhi or Rakshabandhan is the most-awaited festival of Hindus that celebrates the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters. On this day, every year, sisters tie a Rakhi on their brother’s wrist and pray for their longevity and prosperity. This year, Rakhi is falling on August 3, 2020. 

As Rakhi 2020 is round the corner, the preparations of Rakhi are already on high. Sisters have already started finding the latest Rakhi designs and looking online for the designer Rakhi Thali decoration ideas.

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Even at schools, Rakhi Making competitions have begun and students are finding out how to make Rakhi for school competition. If you are also looking for the same? Read on the post and know everything you can do to make this Rakhi special and joyful

Rakhi Designs

Do you want to know how to make Rakhi for school competition step by step? Or are you searching for the best rakhi design that can put a smile on your brother’s face? From traditional Rakhi to modern designs,both offline and online markets are flooded with Rakhi designs. However, there is one thing that has no comparison in terms of design and uniqueness- Handmade Rakhi.

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Handmade Rakhis are the Rakhis that are made at home by your own. Surprisingly, Rakhi is very simple and easy to make. You can make Rakhi at home easy and beautiful by just following some easy step by step instructions. Here is the quick guide that tells how to make Rakhi at home step by step. 

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How To Make Rakhi At Home?

To make Rakhi at home or school competitions, you need- material and inspiration. You may find Rakhi material at your home or nearby shop and use your imagination to make the best Rakhi designs. In order to help you with Rakhi making, here are 5 latest Rakhi designs and the step by step instructions to make them at home. Also, with this guide learn how to make Rakhi for school competition with waste material available at home.

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Traditional Silk Thread Rakhi Design

Material Required: 

  • Silk Thread ( one or more colors)
  • Bangle
  • Satin Ribbon
  • General Craft items to decorate Rakhi such as beads, pearls etc. 
  • Glue

DIY Step to Make Traditional Rakhi

  • Take a bangle and wrap the silk thread over it.
  • When the bangle is covered almost a quarter, tie the thread at the centre from a thick thread.
  • Cut all the loops of silk thread at the periphery of the bangle.
  • Now, flatten the thread from both the sides.
  • Use a toothbrush and brush it to make it symmetrical.
  • If few threads are not in-line, then you can trim your Rakhi at the periphery.
  • Paste a piece of satin ribbon at the back of the Rakhi.
  • Now, decorate it with beads, pearls or other decorative items of your choice. 

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Peacock Motif Rakhi Design

Material Required:

  • Glue
  • Pearl beads
  • a leather or foam blue colour base
  • Golden dori, beads and charms
  • Blue, white and turkish colour stone
  • Glitter and shiny colours

DIY Steps to Make Peacock Rakhi

  • Take a small piece of blue foam and draw an outline of the peacock and cut two same pieces
  • Put glue on the outline and use the glitter colour on the neck of the first piece of peacock
  • Cut small pieces of oval shaped foam for the tail of the peacock and with glue put blue glitters on it
  • Put the golden string dori on the back of the motif and place the golden dori. Put another piece of foam peacock over it
  • Decorate the string dori with beads and charms
  • Use the golden string zari to outline the peacock and the blue, turkish and white stones all over to complete the design.

Designer Silk Thread Beads Rakhi Design 

Material Required:

  • Silk Thread
  • Embellishments for decoration like Golden beads, stone chain etc.
  • Cords
  • Fabric
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Rings of three sizes

DIY Steps to Make Designer Silk Thread Rakhi

  • Take three rings and wrap the silk thread of your choice over it. You may warp the threats in your own way with creativity.
  • Take the big ring and decorate it with golden beads.Wrap the golden beads with another color silk thread.
  • Apply a bit of glue on the inner circle and add the next color ring. After it gets dried, apply a bit of glue on the inner side of the second ring and add the last ring.
  • Decorate it with stones and gold color chains to make it look attractive. Add cords into the jump rings on the both sides and tighten it with a knot.

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Sticker Rakhi Design

Material Required:

  • Stickers of your choice.
  • Satin Ribbon of matching color
  • Small piece of felt

DIY Steps to Make Sticker Rakhi 

  • Cut out a round piece of felt in the size of the sticker and stick it to the satin ribbon.
  • Paste the sticker on the top of felt on the thread price or satin ribbon. Your Sticker Rakhi is ready! 

How to make Rakhi with paper? Use the above steps and employ your imagination to make beautiful Rakhi with paper. 

Kundan Stone Rakhi Design

Material Required:

  • Drop kundan, round kundan
  • Mirror, Mirror round, Velvet cloth
  • Embellishment such as coloured ball chain, gold chain, stone chain
  • Colour pearls, silk thread
  • Scissors and thread cutter
  • Fabric Glue

DIY Steps to Make Kundan Stone Rakhi

  • Take a piece of cloth, fold it.
  • Put fabric glue over it and put the velvet cloth over it.
  • Paste the mirror and mirror round on the middle with glue.
  • Decorate Rakhi with drop kundan, round kundan stones and circle it with coloured ball chains. Cut the extra velvet cloth
  • Attach the silk thread below the rakhi and put another piece of velvet cloth with glue so that it doesn’t move.
  • Let it dry. Later, use colour pearls and add to the silk thread. 
  • Tie up the ends of the pearls and the last portion of the thread. 

Rakhi holds the love, wishes and good luck. Thus, it has to be unique and special this year. Hopefully, this guide to make Rakhi was useful and you will surely try making Rakhi designs at home. You may also use the above Rakhi designs method to make Rakhi with waste materials or the materials available at home. So, bring out your creativity and imagination and use this guide to add more happiness and joy to your Rakhi Celebration. Happy Rakhi!

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