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Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling by Astrology

Updated Date : Wednesday, 15 Dec, 2021 05:42 AM

Are you facing problems in your marriage? Are you thinking of parting your way from your partner? Well! Before you lose your hopes and give up on your marriage, you should try online marriage counseling at least once. Online marriage counseling, especially which is based on astrology is a great way to find solace and longevity in your marriage. You can get guidance from expert marriage astrologers and explore the right way to lead a happy and blissful married life.

What is an Online Marriage Counselling?

Online Marriage counseling or couple therapy is a kind of online counselling that helps all kinds of couples to recognize and resolve their relationship problems. It emphasizes improving their bonds and rebuilding the relationship that is fragmented or on a brink of collapse. If you are planning to get married, Marriage counseling before marriage can help you and your partner explore your marriage compatibility. It can help you find a married life that you have always dreamt or wanted to live.

Why is Marriage Counselling So Important?

Marriage is considered a sacred intuition where two people come together to share their lives and everything they possess. However, it has been observed that there are only a few marriages that last for a lifetime or stay blissful and passionate. Generally, after some period of time, most marriages collapse or tend to be unhappy and loveless. This happens because of the relationship issues and incompatibility factors that remain undiscussed.

Here are the common causes that lead to marital problems and relationship distress. 

  • Communication problems

  • Anger issues

  • Infidelity or Cheating

  • Physical or Emotional abuse

  • Financial Struggles

  • Conflicts due to criticism, blame games and defensiveness.

  • Clashes due to In-laws

  • Lack of intimacy

  • Emotional incompatibility

  • Conflicts on child-rearing 

  • Blended Family issues

  • Busy schedule and boredom

Marriage counselling helps in discovering these and various such issues. It helps in finding solutions to overcome relationship problems and eliminate the reasons for marital stress. From emotional to physical to financial, online marriage counseling evaluates all the astrological aspects of couples and offers guidance that can really help couples to bond stronger. 

When You Should Take Marriage Counseling?

Online Marriage counseling can be taken anytime when you feel any of the following things:

  • When you and your spouse or partner start feeling indifferent or detached from each other.

  • When you are getting married irrespective of love or arranged marriage. 

  • When you have decided to marry your prospective partner or lover. 

  • When communication breaks down and every conversation turns into a fight.

  • If you or your partner are keeping secrets and start lying to one another. 

  • If there is a lack of physical intimacy and you feel struggling to maintain the same level of compatibility in the marriage.

  • If you feel cheating or infidelity has taken place of honesty and loyalty in your relationship.

  • You and your partner argue on the same thing over and over again. 

  • When you or your partner/spouse are hiding, lying or keeping secrets about finances.

  • When you start feeling the need for an intervention to help relationships. 

  • If your spouse has become an antagonist in your life story.

Marriage Counselling by Astrology

Marriage astrology is a great source to know about an individual’s married life. A legit and experienced marriage astrologer facilitates marriage counseling and helps you know about various marriage aspects such as marriage time, life partner, marriage expectations, future married life, offspring and much more. Thus, it is always recommended to understand marriage astrology and take astrological Marriage counseling pre and post-marriage. If you are still confused and wanted to know if marriage counseling is a good option for you or not, then give it a quick read. Know how Astro marriage counseling works and how astrology helps in both post and pre-marriage counseling.

Pre-Marriage Counselling by Date of Birth

  • Whether it is a love marriage or arranged marriage, knowing about your spouse helps in understanding their marriage expectations, ideas and beliefs. Marriage astrology allows you to analyze the Lagna of couples along with the Navamsa chart to get the desired information.

  • Astrology chart or Janam Kundli analysis clearly sheds light on the possibilities of how your future spouse will be.

  • Pre-marriage counseling by astrology makes you rethink deeply about the convictions and assumptions by shedding light on the real possibilities suggested by the marriage Kundli.

  • Love marriage specialist Online offers Vedic astrological remedies for love marriage and resolving family and compatibility problems. 

  • Vedic Astrology-based Kundali matching allows couples to check their love compatibility on all aspects such as physical, emotional and mental.

  • In marriage astrology, 4th, 7th and 12th houses of Kundli help in exploring the intimacy between partners. Astro Marriage counselors study these houses and make predictions based on the current planetary positions and Marriage Yogas.

Post Marriage Counselling by Date of Birth

  • Marriage astrology helps in discovering the Ashubh Yogas for Marriage and the underlying causes of relationship problems. It decreases the possibility of divorce and proves very beneficial in solving marriage issues.

  • Marriage astrology consultation involves the deep study of the marriage horoscope of couples. It highlights the planets and Dashas that are creating distress in the marriage.

  • The position of Mercury in the marriage horoscope helps to determine communication challenges in the marriage.

  • Marriage Astrology Counsellors analyze Kundli and study the negative effects of Mercury in Navamsa to clear communication issues.

  • Flawed Saturn or Rahu’s position in Kundli impacts the house of speech. It shows the negative communication between couples.

  • The debilitated or weak position of the Sun in marriage astrology indicates ego clashes between couples.

  • Venus along with the Eleventh house is studied by marriage astrology counselors to identify and provide remedies for extramarital affairs.

  • If there is secrecy in the relationship, marriage astrology can be sought to understand the effects of Rahu over the mind and life of the partners.

Marriage Astro Counselling Advantages

The main aim of Pre and post-marriage counseling is to help couples understand each other and enhance their mutual understanding in marriage. This marriage astrology counseling offers various benefits to couples and makes them feel happy, sorted and contented. Read on to know about how marriage counseling by astrology helps married and unmarried couples.

  • The most significant advantage of marriage counseling is to avoid divorce or separation.

  • Stress and problems in married life restrict couples to pour their emotions. Marriage astrologer offers guidance to resolve issued and facilitate communication between couples.

  • Past grudges, unfulfilled expectations, previous flings often sour the relationships. Marriage counseling helps you to get closure and move forward with a positive attitude.

  • Marriage astrology reveals the foreseen possibilities in marriage and shares guidance to cope with significant challenges in the marriage. 

  • By taking Marriage counseling, you gain self-understanding of several relationships issues and learns to focus on the brighter aspects of your marriage.

  • You start giving value to your love bond and feel motivated and rejuvenated with positivity and compassion.

  • Marriage counseling by astrology unravels the potential issues, fears, insecurities, and concerns. The marriage counsellor helps couples to come to an agreement by sharing workable solutions.

  • Marriage counselling allows insights into offspring and the rendering of children. They share tips for happy married life.

  • For couples who are about to get married, marriage counseling helps them to set realistic expectations and learn about future partner and time of marriage.

  • Premarital counseling can help unmarried couples to understand their partner better and prepare themselves for a new phase of life.

What is the Success Rate of Online Marriage Counseling?

How successful is marriage counseling? Is marriage counseling effective? Does marriage counseling work? Answers to all these questions lie in the success rate of marriage counseling. As per past records, marriage counseling by astrology has a maximum success rate. At mPanchang, the team of marriage counselors has helped many couples all over the world. There are reliable testimonies of couples that have experienced changes and got benefited from our marriage and couple counseling. Most couples expressed satisfaction and felt more at ease on online astrology consultations. Some couples reported that online marriage counseling by expert marriage astrologers has made their married life more smooth and blissful. They found effective astrological remedies for marital problems and got the guidance to lead a happy and blissful life.

Consult Online Astro Marriage Counsellor 

Are you looking for the best marriage counsellor near you? mPanchang offers you an easy and simple way to talk to astrologers and get marriage counseling online. This is the best service for busy couples and those who are seeking online marriage counseling free. With a team of top marriage counsellors in India, we aim to offer live astrology counseling for couples of all types. Here, you can book an online consultation with the best astrologers and ask questions about marriage, relationship with partner, cheating, trust issues, intimacy problems and so on. You can also consult with marriage experts for divorce and kids counseling. Our experienced and trusted Astro-Marriage Counsellors are proficient in understanding disguised issues and offering effective solutions or astrology remedies. They offer marriage date predictions and help couples to heal and rekindle their love spark.

So, seek expert help from the best marriage counselors online. Talk to Astrologers now and get professional counseling for marriage from home. You can talk to marriage counselors on phone free from anywhere in the world. From marriage astrology predictions online for love or arranged marriage to Kundali matching, you can ask astrologers online any question or concern related to marriage for free.

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