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Prohibited Marriage Yogas - Ashubh Yogas for Marriage

Prohibited Marriage Yogas - Ashubh Vivah Muhurat Yoga

Updated Date : Monday, 15 Feb, 2021 13:39 PM

Marriage is an important and auspicious event. It is an amalgamation of two souls who come together to live their lives together. They dream of a happy and blissful life where they could grow together, bring offsprings and enjoy love and romance. However, there are times when Planetary Yogas in the Janam Kundali impact couples’ lives and create havoc.

Yogas plays an important role in Vedic astrology. It is a unique aspect that impacts an individual life in a powerful manner. Yogas essentially are the specific planetary combinations in the Janam Kundli that lead to specific outcomes. It is formed when a planet or astrology house or sign is associated with another by placement or conjunction or aspect. The impact of Yogas can be negative or positive based on the area of life that the associated planets or astrology houses signify.

Do you know panchak is very inauspicious period.

In Vedic astrology, there are 27 important Yogas that can deem auspicious and inauspicious results on an individual’s life. Out of these, there are 8 Yogas that are strictly considered inauspicious Yogas or Ashubh Yogas for marriage.

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The presence of inauspicious marriage Yogas in Kundali results in conflicts, arguments on small matters, unhappiness, separation or divorce, long-distance relationship, ill-health, financial loss, delay in marriage, lack of financial stability, family troubles, loneliness, sensual frustrations etc. Thus, for a peaceful and harmonious marriage, astrologers suggest Kundali matching and zodiac compatibility analysis to check the love and marriage compatibility between the couples. 

Inauspicious Yogas or Ashubh Yogas for Marriage

According to Vedic astrology, the seventh house in the Kundli is considered as the house of marriage. Formation of any inauspicious marriage Yogas in this house results in late marriage or post-marital issues. Following are the main Ashubh Yogas that may create chaos and unhappiness in the marriage of a couple. 

  1. When Mars and Venus are debilitated in the same astrology house, then the natives experience problems and disturbances in married life. This Inauspicious Yoga weakens the marital compatibility and makes the husband and wife’s relationship unstable.
  2. Weak planetary position during the Mahadasha of Venus can be the cause of a lack of mutual understanding between the husband and wife. The presence of Mars, Ketu and exalted Venus in the Kendra house can make mismatched pairs for marriage. 
  3. If a planet is positioned in its own sign or exalted, it can result in hardships and delays in finding the right partner for marriage. The placement of malefic planets such as Saturn and Rahu in the seventh house creates an inauspicious Yoga that increases the possibility of re-marriage. 
  4. When the Lord of the seventh house is placed in the sixth or eighth house in the Kundli, couples face serious challenges in their married life. There are disagreements between husband and wife which sometimes leads to separation or divorce. 
  5. Presence of more than one malefic planet or aspects of the same in the seventh house or ascendant causes painful experiences in the marriage. Such natives go through difficult circumstances and have a miserable love life. 
  6. If the Lord of the seventh house forms planetary combinations with other planets placed in any house, then the native doesn’t find peace and happiness in their family life. Placement of malefic planets in the twelfth house or malefic aspects in the seventh house also results in unhealthy relationships in the family.
  7. The presence of malefic planets in the eighth or sixth house from Venus in Janam Kundli makes the life of the couple miserable. If the Lord of the seventh house is combust in its own house then also couples experience hurdles to sustain a happy and peaceful marriage. 
  8. Conjunction of Saturn and Mars with Rahu in the 4th house in Kundali makes married life troublesome. Such natives don't enjoy peace and happiness for a long time in marriage. 
  9. If Venus in association with Mars is afflicted by malefic planets, then the native may have extramarital relationships. They may be endowed with feelings of lust. 
  10. If Mercury aspects Saturn in the houses associated with marriage, then such natives can be impotent. Such Inauspicious Yogas in Kundli of females may affect their fertility which may further become the reason for problems and griefs in married life. 
  11. If Venus is in conjunction with the Sun in the seventh or twelfth house in Kundli then the natives may lack sexual urge. 
  12. Presence of malefic planets or any Ashubh marriage Yogas in the 2nd or 8th house afflicts the longevity of husband and wife. 
  13. Axis of Rahu or Ketu on 1/7 or 2/8 houses causes troubles in married life. The placement of Mars in the eighth house may cause the death or illness of the partner. 
  14. Papkartari Yoga around the 7th house in Kundali may affect the married life and cause troubles and conflicts. 
  15. Navamsa Lagna and its Lord, if afflicted by the malefic planets may result in unhappy and disturbed married life. The success of a marriage is highly dependent on this astrologyYoga. 
  16. Placement of Lord of the second, seventh, or twelfth house in Upachaya houses leads to more than one marriage. The presence of Dhan Yogas also causes multiple marriages in the life of the native. 

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