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Vastu Tips For Wealth

Vastu Tips For Wealth

Updated Date : Monday, 03 Dec, 2018 00:00 AM

12 Vastu Tips for Good Wealth

Lord Kuber is considered to be the God of wealth, and the whole aim of the Vastu Shastra tips for the good wealth is to keep him happy and pleased. Once he is happy, he will bestow you with a lot of money and wealth as per your desire. Vastu tips for money luck is the most desired information by the people. So what are the Vastu Tips for Good Wealth that you should follow? Take a look!

#1. The Cash Locker Should Be Kept in The Correct Direction

The right direction to keep your locker in the house should be south wall or close to the southwest direction in the room so that when it is opened, it opens up towards the north direction. Residence of Lord Kuber lies in the North direction, so once the locker is opened, it will be refilled again. The locker should not be kept under a beam or the focus light as it is considered to be the symbol of financial stress. Also, a mirror should be placed in front of the cash locker so that the reflection of the image falls on the mirror; it is the symbol of doubling your wealth.

#2. Staircase in The House

Barring northeast direction in the house, the staircase can be made anywhere. There should not be any stuff placed in the northeast direction and should always be open as it is considered to be helpful to attract wealth for an individual. Also, one should refrain to place machines in this direction.

#3. Purchasing Land

One should refrain to buy a plot or a land piece which has temples or a skyscraper facing the northeast direction of the land/plot. It may lead to the decay of wealth, and you may lose a lot of money. However, in case if you can not avoid the purchase of such land because it may be a very lucrative long-term investment, then ensure that shadows of such structures do not fall on the plot/land.

#4. The Angle of The Walls

Walls should never be curved in the northeast corner of the boundary wall; the angles should always be the right angle.

#5. Swimming Pool in The Plot

If it is needed to be built, swimming pool or any similar water structure should never go below the ground level of the southwestern corner of the plot. This rule applies to any possible structure like office, apartment, home, etc.

#6. Money Plant

In a green vase, money plant should be kept, or a scenery displaying thick forest in the north side or a lush green field should be hung. This trick will attract a lot of better career advancement opportunities and more wealth.

#7. Vastu Remedies

There is a very popular 4 step Mahavastu method which should be used to get your house thoroughly checked. You will find that some areas of the house have imbalance and if the zones are being extended, missed or cut. There are very simple Vastu remedies for such areas. Put lights, colors, symbols, plants, and rangoli around those areas.

#8. The Entrance of The House

You should pay a lot of attention to the main entrance of your home because it is believed that beautiful, free from obstacles, neat & clean entry attracts wealth and joy. If a nice bell or a wind chime can be hung near the entrance, it should be nice because wealth will be attracted through its magnetic voice. Also, you may place a beautiful lamp above the door.

#9. Colour Remedy for Good Wealth

Some of the Vastu colors which are believed to attract wealth into the house are Violet, Red & Green. These colors should be used exhaustively in the interiors of your house like furniture, walls, home furnishing, cabinets, and accessories.

#10. Neat & Organized Kitchen

Kitchen is considered to be the soul or the main source where energy emanates in the house. The kitchen is the reason for prosperity and happiness in the house, and hence it should be well organized and neat & clean. Lord Kuber is impressed by the neat and clean arrangements.

#11. Clocks in The House

If there are clocks in the house, you should ensure that they show the correct time always and they are in working condition. If the clocks are slow, it may hamper your financial growth, and you may lag behind in your life. If you want to progress financially then match up to the correct time and walk along with it to enjoy wealth.

#12. Conserve Water

One of the most important element is water on which Vastu principles are based. If you waste water, then it equals wasting the money, so, make sure that no taps in your house leak and never allow filthy water to get stagnant in your house.

  • Follow this simple tips and you will see prosperity ushering into your home and life. You can also check Vastu Tips For Kitchen also to gain more wealth.

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