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Kitchen Vastu Tips

Kitchen Vastu Tips

Updated Date : Wednesday, 03 Jan, 2024 07:22 AM

7 Vastu Tips For Kitchen

If there’s one space in a household that has a constant flow of energy, it is the kitchen. Emanating energy through the day, the kitchen witnesses flow of water, creation of fire and various sounds. Aromas coming from the kitchen tell the entire family that nourishing meals are on the way.

Being the most significant part of a home, the kitchen is a primary source of happiness, health and energy of the family members. Energies residing in the kitchen, sometimes contrasting ones, may pose a negative or a positive effect upon the well being of family members. It is important to balance the flow of energies according to Vastu to create a positive effect.

The flow of energy, colour, placement and direction of gadgets is the key to determine if your kitchen is Vastu-compliant. Vastu Shastra tips for the kitchen help attain lifelong prosperity and happiness for your home and family.

Consider these Vastu tips for the kitchen for a blissful and trouble-free life.

#1. Location of the Kitchen

Fire, the element that governs the kitchen, also governs the South-East direction. Thus, the ideal location for positioning a kitchen is the South-East corner of your home. If this area of your home is not available or viable for setting up the kitchen, you can construct it in the North-West direction. All other directions should be avoided and so should the construction of the kitchen above a puja room or bathroom. To maintain kitchen Vastu, you should make necessary changes in your home if possible to set it up in the right direction.

#2. The Source of Fire

Another key element to be considered while setting up a kitchen is the direction and placement of the cooking stove, which is the source of fire in the kitchen. As the element governs the South-East, try placing your cooktop in the same direction such that while cooking, the cook faces the east. This is important since direction plays an important role in kitchen Vastu rules.

#3. Balancing Water and Fire

The cooktop or stove, which is the source of fire, and the sink, the source of water, must be placed as far as possible. Ensure that these are never positioned in an adjoining area, or very close to each other. Since the ideal direction for a stove is South-East, the best direction to install a sink would be North-East. Both elements have opposing energies and this should be done to avoid clash of energies and create a benevolent flow in your home.

#4. Cabinets and Storage

Kitchen is also where one usually stores food products, material, utensils and other kitchen utilities. Material stored in the kitchen reflects the inner wealth and prosperity of the home. Therefore, kitchen storage cabinets should be constructed along the Western and Southern walls of the kitchen. One should avoid placing cabinets on the Eastern and Northern walls of the kitchen. Ideally, these walls should be left empty according to Vastu. A well-organised kitchen that is hygienic and clean also attracts happiness, wealth and prosperity.

#5. Electrical Appliances

It is next to impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without electrical gadgets and appliances. A number of fixtures have found a permanent place in kitchens across the globe — microwave, mixers, refrigerators and ovens. The most suitable direction to place kitchen equipment is South-East or South. You must refrain from placing these in the North-East corner of your kitchen. The refrigerator must also be placed accordingly — it should be at least a foot away from the walls.

#6. Flow of Energy

With constant cooking and tempering taking place in the kitchen, proper ventilation is important to maintain free flow of energy. Windows should open towards the East to allow fresh air and radiant lights to enter the kitchen. The ventilator should always be placed in the South. The kitchen exhaust must also be placed on the Eastern wall.

#7. Appearance

The appearance and look of a kitchen also has an important role in Vastu. The first thing which catches the eye in a kitchen is its color. Vibrant colors like mauve, yellow, orange, chocolate, green, rose and red should be used in the kitchen. Avoid using dark colors like grey or black, as they seem depressing and also do not attract wealth and prosperity.

The science of Vastu can turn around energy flow in your home, affecting the health and happiness of family members. Maintaining Vastu compliance can usher in happiness, prosperity and wealth.

For Any Queries about Kitchen Vastu Rules, you can Talk to Our Expert Astrologers !

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