Kitchen Vastu Tips


7 Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Kitchen is regarded as the most integral and significant part of the home. It is the primary source and aspect of happiness, health and energy of the family members. Kitchen is that integral area where all the energies reside. These energies either pose a negative or a positive effect upon the well being and health of the individuals. There is a vital role of flow of energy, the color, the place and the direction in analysing that how much Vastu compliant your kitchen is. The Vastu Shastra tips for kitchen helps in attaining lifelong prosperity and happiness for your home and your family.

Following are some of the important Vastu tips for the kitchen in order to have a blissful, trouble-free and happy life.

#1. Kitchen Location According to Vastu

Fire is the key element which rules, governs and controls the kitchen and also the South-East direction. Thus, the most adaptable, ideal and perfect location for placing a kitchen is the South-East direction of the home. But in case, if this location is not possible then the second best suitable direction is North-West. However, due to any reason or inappropriate construction, both the locations are not viable then you can make necessary changes as per the construction of the home to make it adaptable according to the kitchen Vastu.

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#2. Fire Source

When the direction is suitable, then the very next thing which requires your key attention is deciding the direction and place for the cooking stove. As it is fire element, so the direction must be South-East only. There is a vital role of direction as according to the various kitchen Vastu rules, while cooking, the face of the cook should be towards the East side only.

#3. Water and Fire

Always remember, that the stove which is a source of fire and the sink which is a source of water must be placed as far as possible and make sure they are never placed adjoined or very close to each other. As the best direction for stove is South-East, so the most ideal place or direction for the sink must be North-East direction. The reason behind such placement is that both the elements have opposite energy and therefore there are chances of clashing of energies. Thus, they must be placed far away and in the suggested directions only for best effects.

#4. Cabinets and Storage

Kitchen being the integral part is also the place for storing the food products, materials, utensils and several other kitchen utilities. The material which are being stored in the kitchen reflects and signifies the inner wealth and prosperity of the house. Hence, the cabinets for storing things must always have their construction in the Western and the Southern walls of the kitchen only. It is good to avoid having cabinets on the Eastern and Northern walls of the kitchen and the most suitable vastu is to left these walls empty. To attract happiness, wealth and prosperity, it is essential to have adequate hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen and it must be well-organized too.

#5. Electrical Appliances

In modern times, we all have electrical gadgets and appliances as without them the kitchen is surely incomplete. Microwave, mixer, refrigerator, etc. are few of those electrical appliances which could be found in almost all the modern kitchens. So, the best direction where these equipments should be placed is South-East or the South direction only. You must refrain from placing these appliances in the North-East direction. As well as the refrigerator must also be placed accordingly i.e. it should have its placement at least a foot away from the kitchen’s corner.

#6. Flow of Energy

Ventilation is another significant aspect. It is essential that there must be a free flow of energy in the kitchen. The windows must be constructed in such a way that they open in the East side for bringing the fresh and radiant lights in the kitchen. The ventilator must always be placed in the Southern direction only. The kitchen exhaust must also be placed on the Eastern wall of the kitchen only.

#7. Appearance

The appearance and look of the kitchen also has an important role in the overall vastu rules. First thing which clicks to the eyes and mind is the color, so there must be vibrant colors such as mauve, yellow, orange, chocolate, green, rose and red colour. Avoid using dark colors like grey or black as they might seem depressing and also do not attract wealth and prosperity.

The science of Vastu can have a deep impact on our overall life. It is absolutely necessary for one’s home to be compliant to all the rules and tips of Vastu to usher in happiness, prosperity and wealth.

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