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Jagadhatri Puja In West Bengal

Don't miss the Chandannagar Jagadhatri puja this year! It is an extravagant celebration!

Updated Date : Wednesday, 13 Sep, 2023 09:41 AM

Jagadhatri puja in West Bengal is the most celebrated festival, especially in the district of Hooghly. Devotees worship Goddess Durga as ma Jagadhatri. People celebrate it with immense joy and devotion.

Sharada Devi-Shri Ramakrishna's wife initiated this sacred celebration in all Ramakrishna mission centers. From then, people continued observing it every year. Let's know its significance, how people celebrate it, and Puja dates of this divine day.

Jagadhatri Puja Story

As our Hindu Scriptures say, after winning the fight with Mahishashur, all Devatas became extremely egoistic. Para Brahma took the form of Yaksha to make them understand that only primordial power is superior and nothing else.

Puzzled by his presence, all Devatas approached him one by one to show him their power. The Vayu Devata throw away huge trees and mountains, Yaksha grew a tiny grass and asked to blow away it.

But using all his powers, Vayu couldn't even move the tiny, fragile grass; Neither Agni could burn it, nor Jala Devata could wipe it out! Then all Devata realized that all the natural creations are protected by mother nature. And that is why we call her Jagatdhatri.

Anyone who prays this Goddess becomes egoless and can start his inward spiritual journey. Jagadhatri idol depicts a goddess standing over the elephant demon, which is a metaphorical representation of how the Goddess controls all the supreme powers and the secret of creation!

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Jagadhatri Puja 2023 Date

After Puchkas, fish, and Roshogulla, Bengalis are enthralled about Durga puja. Jagadhatri Puja is a lesser-known celebration that comes a month after a famous Durga Puja. This extravagant event is a beautiful combination of devotion and celebration. This year, Jagadhatri puja 2023 dates are as below.

  • Jagaddhatri Puja - Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Jagadhatri puja Muhurta-

  • Navami Tithi Begins - 03:16 AM on Nov 21, 2023
  • Navami Tithi Ends - 01:09 AM on Nov 06, 2023

Jagadhatri Puja celebrations

Goddess Jagadhatri is said to be a more serene incarnation of Goddess Durga. Her presence on Earth is celebrated by ten days long festivity.

  • Pujas and Pandals-There are plentiful Pandals everywhere to worship Goddess. These Pandals are beautifully decorated

  •  Chandannagar Jagadhatri puja pandal is a famous place for all devotees

  • Thousands of majestic Pandals are set up with magnificent Jagadhatri idol, Some of them are almost 20-30 feet high

  • Goddess is decorated with a red chunni and majestic crown. She adorns sparkling jewelry and calming divine expression

  • Chandan Nagar Jagadhatri puja is the center of attraction of all the devotes. Various clubs, society, and committees offer services to devotees and thousands of people come to worship ma Jagadhatri

  • This is another occasion for Bengalis to enjoy get together with friends and family. Observing fast, having a feast, and throwing each other a party is a mandate of celebration!

  • From Saptami to Navami, people offer flowers, prayers, coconut, and sweetmeats to Goddess, and during this time, Pandal Hopping is on the peak.

  • Dashami is the end of the celebration, after which devotees follow the ritual of Jagadhatri puja Visarjan. Wherein, people immerse the Goddess Idols in the Hooghly.

  • People also enjoy Jagadhatri Mela in the last 4-5 days of this festival

  •  Krishnanagar Jagadhatri puja marks a spectacular aarti and Pandal of Goddess Durga. People also enjoy cultural activities, classical dance, and singing near Pandals

  • Odisha also celebrates this auspicious festival with great thrill. The Mela of Mayurbhaj district draws a huge crowd.

Why is Jagadhatri Puja Celebrated?

What significance does this Puja have? Why people do this Puja with such a high vibe? Goddess Jagadhatri is a resurrection of Goddess Durga. She protects the mother Earth from evil forces.

The icon of Jagadhatri is made just like Goddess Durga. The only difference is her conch and a bow in her hands. She has four hands. Both right hands carry a chakra and a five-headed bolt. She mounts a tiger.

As we saw the story by worshipping her, we can be egoless, and spiritual progress begins with her blessings.

Concluding Notes

When Bengalis celebrate Jagadhatri Puja, other stats observe Akshaya Navami. It is also a holy day carrying a profound historical significance.

At this same time, people enjoy Aamla Navami also. It is a festival to celebrate the harvest of Aamla (Indian gooseberry)

So if you missed the Durga puja this yearbook your tickets for Chandannagar Jagadhatri puja, or Krishnanagar Jagadhatri puja, and worship Goddess Durga. May goddess Jagatdhatri bless you all with courage and prosperity.

Subho Jagadhatri puja!

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