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Know About Rahu Kaal: Timing And Its Bad Effects

Everything You Should Know About Rahu Kaal

Updated Date : Tuesday, 09 Jan, 2024 09:23 AM

Rahu Kaal is considered to be a bad time. Generally, people are scared of it. As per the Hindu Vedic Astrology, this is not an auspicious time. Also, on a regular base, Rahu covers about 90 minutes time period between the Sunrise and Sunset every day.

Rahu Kaal has its own astrological significance. Mostly it gives adverse effects. Let's know everything about Rahu Kaal and its impact on our life. But before jumping into that, first, we must understand planet Rahu from an astrological point of view.

Understand Planet Rahu

Rahu is known to be the most tricky and manipulative planet. This planet rules our deep and unseen feelings or activities. It governs our ego, aggression, mental, and psychic state.

Also, it can be harsh and more threatening if it is paired with Mars. It drives all the suspicious, hidden, and mysterious skills/ways and features a person can show. Rahu controls Gambling, money earned from dubious origins, diplomacies, and underground activities.

As per the astrology, no planet is fully harsh or malefic; every planet has its own merit and demerits. So Rahu is also not always fearsome. It has assertive consequences too!

A rightly placed Rahu can bestow you with wealth, expansion, and fame. It also showers mystical wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. Such a person may explore a lot and can give a notable impression on people's life.

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What is Rahu Kaal?

Rahu Kaal refers to an inauspicious time every day, which is not favorable to initiate any promising activity. As per Hindu astrology, Rahu Kaal covers a span of around 90 minutes between sunrise and sunset every day.

Rahu is described as the head of a demon named Swarbhaan, who is responsible for swallowing the Sun planet and causing eclipsis. That is why Rahu has been depicted as the head of a human and a body of a serpent in iconography. It is seated on a chariot which is drawn by eight black horses.

Rahu Kaal is not considered a promising time to begin something new.No new activities or projects should be initiated under Rahu Kaal. There are various ways specified in the Vedas to know about the Rahu Kaal. It is depended on the Sunrise time.

How To Calculate Rahu Kaal

Astrologers carefully calculate Rahu Kalam and its exact timings. But Rahu Kaal depends on Sunrise timings. And as the Sunrise timings vary a lot, there are different Rahu Kalam for every day of a week.

Therefore the perfect way to calculate Rahu Kaal on an appropriate day is to observe the time of sunrise in that particular time zone. The right way to find Rahu time is further mentioned below.

  • Observe the time of sunrise at a given place as per the Panchang. This is how you can know today's Rahu Kaal timings.

  • Then equally divide the whole day into eight segments

  • Rahu never emerges in the first segment of the day. So leave aside the first part.

  • Then set the other time sections for a week continuously.

  1. Monday Rahukalam Timing
  2. Tuesday Rahukalam Timing
  3. Wednesday Rahukalam Timing
  4. Thursday Rahukalam Timing
  5. Friday Rahukalam Timing
  6. Saturday Rahukalam Timing
  7. Sunday Rahukalam Timing

  • South Indians, especially in the Tamil Nadu people use these timings to avoid any adverse impact of Rahu Kaal.

  • These timings are calculated with the assumption of Sunrise time at 6 am

  • The quick trick to remember Rahu Kaal timings is a phrase-"Mother Saw Father Wearing The Turban”

  • The first alphabet of every word of the phrase denotes weekdays. Isn't it an easy and exciting way to remember Rahu Kaal for every day?

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Rahu Kaal Effects

  • Not an auspicious time: While looking for the Mahurats, Rahu Kaal timings are not considered to be suitable for any promising activities.

  • As per the belief, if anyone begins a new task or new projects during Rahu Kaal, you may not gain excellent results.

  • It is only considered when people start something new; for existing projects or regular works, Rahu Kal does not affect.

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Effect of Rahu on life

Apart from the daily Rahu Kaal effects, we have the impact of Rahu if it is placed in specific houses. As we all know, it is a malefic planet. But this dragon-headed planet can give favorable results also.

Neglecting the house 6th, 8th, and 12th, in other houses, Rahu bless you with fame, prosperity, and success.6th,8th, and 12th houses are known as Dusthana house.

 What is the Rahu's placement in your Janam Kundali? Check it from free online Janam Kundali and get accurate details of various planets and its placements.

Rahu is a planet that enjoys working alone. It may bring immense bad luck and sudden changes if it occupies native's ascendant. When Rahu cast its spell under Rahu Antardasha and Mahadasha, native feels immense struggles and problems from everywhere.

But, if Rahu is good, it makes you a respectable politician, successful businessman, social activist, or a dynamic investigator. It can bless you with success, prosperity, and social fame.

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