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Ketu Mahadasha and Antardasha Effects

ketu mahadasha antardasha effects

Updated Date : Monday, 13 Dec, 2021 12:54 PM

Ketu is a spiritual planet which is also known as the shadow planet. As per Vedic astrology, it is the dragon’s tail. The favorable position of Ketu will lead you on the path of spirituality and you will also become highly knowledgeable.

If you are under Ketu Mahadasha which prolongs for more than 7 years, you are likely to feel detached from all the materialistic world and you will also not be willing to get married or to continue your married life. You might feel detached from your partner during this phase.

Sometimes, Ketu Mahadasha can lead to a state of sadness and unhappy life. You may also experience mental stress and restlessness which will adversely impact your overall health. Loss of wealth and family issues can also be a few other negative possibilities due to the unfavorable position of Ketu.

You can use your acquired energy from the Ketu Mahadasha effect in doing virtuous deeds or philosophical matters.

Positive effects of Ketu Mahadasha

  • Ketu Mahadasha can have a life-changing effect on you. This effect can be powerful and stressful at the same time.
  • This period can be considered best to fulfill all your spiritual and religious desires.
  • The favorable effect of Ketu makes you feel highly blessed, imaginative, and content.
  • You will have good luck and wealth in abundance during this period.
  • Long life, a great career, and good opportunities are some additional boons of the positive Ketu Mahadasha.

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Negative Effects of Ketu Mahadasha

  • Ketu is known as a headless planet which implies that you will be making many baseless and senseless decisions during the negative Ketu Mahadasha.
  • The negative dasha of Ketu can lead to emotional and mental stress.
  • This period can make you perplexed even during easy situations. You might start behaving irrationally too.
  • The unfavorable position of Ketu can make you lose your job, close ones, or business.
  • You may feel low on your energy levels and might completely isolate yourself. This can further make you arrogant and rude in behavior.
  •  There are possibilities that you may get prone to health issues. You can fall victim to several mental and physical health problems due to the wrongly placed Ketu in your House.
  • If you are married you may start feeling detached from your partner and family.

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Ketu Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha

The Ketu Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha can have a positive or negative effect on you. The effect depends on some factors. The best thing that can happen during this Dasha is that you will learn to cope up with all the hardships of your life. 

You can feel blessed by getting spiritually inclined during this phase. You can experience either an incremental or detrimental change in your intellect.

Ketu in your janam kundali.

Ketu Antardasha can be considered favorable and beneficial when aligned with Saturn, Mars, and Venus. It can be malefic if placed with the Moon or Sun. Ketu Mahadasha can be positive with the ascendants of Aquarius, Cancer, and Aries but can be negative with Libra ascendants.

Antardasha of all planets in Ketu Mahadasha

Venus Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha

  • Venus being a benefic planet struggles to use its energy and power for benefitting the natives due to the malefic Ketu.
  • During this Dasha, your career can be adversely affected. 
  • Your bond with your family and friends can also be impacted negatively due to this Venus Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha. 
  • Native’s eyesight can also be affected by this Dasha

Effect of Sun Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha

  • Ketu becomes inefficient when placed with the Sun therefore this Dasha is not considered favorable as per the Vedic Astrology. 
  • Natives may have to deal with many hardships of life during this Dasha. You might end up getting into some conflicts at your workplace. 
  • You might lack support in your professional life. In addition to this, you will turn aggressive which will ultimately affect your goals and success rate. 

Effect of Moon Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha 

  • There is a negative relationship between the Moon and the Ketu therefore the effect of Moon Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha is considered malefic.
  • Natives feel troublesome and depressed during this phase because Ketu reduces the positive effect of the Moon on the natives. 
  • This creates a feeling of dissatisfaction in the natives which can distance them from the rest of the world. 
  • Natives are in dire need of support and nurturing to lead a happy life when they are under the influence of this Dasha.

Effect of Mars Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha

  • Mars represents ambition and aggression. Ketu is considered a cruel planet just like Mars.
  • Natives become strong, aggressive which impacts their behavior and they develop a tendency to indulge in unfair means and disputes to this Antardasha in Mahadasha.
  • Negative vibes surround the natives during this phase which can cause mental and physical stress in them. 
  • This Dasha despite being negative makes a person strong and courageous to defeat all the problems and challenges. 

Effects of Rahu Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha

  • This Dasha is positive in a monetary sense as it blesses natives with sudden wealth in any crisis but, it is said to be negative from the health front of a native. 
  • The person becomes confused in life which leads to mental distress during this Dasha.
  • A person gets prone to health issues related to the abdomen and chest during this phase.
  • However, this Dasha makes a person strong enough to deal with and defeat their enemies.

Effects of Jupiter Antardasha in Mahadasha of Ketu

  • Ketu and Jupiter are linked with the path of liberation and spirituality therefore this period is good for your spiritual progress.
  • Natives might plan religious and spiritual trips during this phase. Possibilities for foreign trips also increase. 
  • This phase can cause troubles and confusion in your career and marriage. 

Effects of Saturn (Shani) Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha

  • Natives might struggle in their professional life due to this effect. 
  • You might feel isolated from everyone and this can impact your relationship adversely. 
  • Your expenditures are likely to increase which can give you distress and discomfort during this Dasha.
  • You may fall ill during this period.

Effect of Mercury Antardasha in Ketu Mahadasha

  • Person lacks concentration throughout this phase as per the Vedic Astrology.
  • You might become spendthrift during this Antardasha period. 
  • Your mind will be dominated by the unwanted and useless thoughts due to which you might become rude and arrogant. 
  • Ketu Mahadasha tends to bring many difficulties in the life of natives but the influence of Mercury helps in keeping a positive attitude towards life.

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