When in Sawan Somvar in 2017?

In the year of 2017, Sawan starts from Monday, which is creating a unique coincidence and a very special thing about this time Sawan's somvar 2017 and this special thing is that the beginning and closing will be held on Monday. Such coincidence is happening after 50 years.

This time there will be five phases in the month of Sawan. Sawan is the month of devotion to Lord Shiva and will start on July 10 of this year.

According to the Astrologers, on this day there will be a special grace of Lord Shiva on his devotees and this special grace is achieved by keeping a vrat on Monday in this Sawan month. With the drop of rain, the holy month of Sawan and Lord Shiva Sawan will begin from July 10. As soon as Sawan starts, all the Shiva Bhakts will be seen in the worship of Lord Bholenath.

Here Is the Sawan's Somvar 2017 vrat date list: 

  • The first Monday vrat on the 10th of July.
  • Second Monday vrat on July 17.
  • The third Monday will be vrat on July 24.
  • The fourth Monday will be vrat on July 24.
  • The fifth and final Monday will take place on 7 August.
 After keeping vrat on every somvar (Monday) in the month of Sawan, all the devotees will take the blessings of Lord Shiva after worshiping with milk, gaangajal and bell on the Shivling of Bholenath. On 10th July, there is a repetition date till 10:21 am.On 24th July 2017, the Nakshatra and then a very important festival observed all over India i.e Rakshabandan on 7th August. There is also a lunar eclipse in India on this day.

Great Results of Sawan Somvar Vrat

  1. All kinds of tensions and difficulties from your life will disappear.
  2. Unmarried girls will be getting their desired husbands by the grace and blessings of lord Shiva.
  3. Long life and good health of husband and kids of married ladies will be granted by lord Shiva.
  4. All your desires, dreams and wishes will be fulfilled.
  5. The Devotees of lord Shiva will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

Lord Bholenath is very kind and generous towards his devotees and followers. One can easily please lord shiva by showing gratitude and love towards him.

Month of Sawan – If Lord Shiva is worshiped like this in Sawan then it will shine people's fate.

Sawan somvar puja vidhi (Process):

 According to Skand Purana, to enjoy the blessings of Lord Shiva, one should keep vrats in sawan month and should eat one time a day in the evening or late afternoon. With Lord Bholenath, worship of Parvati should be done with flowers, sunlight, lamp and water. After this, Lord Shiva should be worshiped with milk, water, tuber root etc. On every Monday of Sawan, water must be offered to Lord Shiva. 
One should also sleep on the ground at night and in this way, starting from the first Monday of Sawan, this vrat should be followed till all nine or sixteen Mondays. The month of Sawan is believed to be of Lord Shiva and by worshiping Bholenath in this month you can shine your luck.  There are five mudras in the month of this sawan and if you offer these things to Lord Bholenath on all these Mondays, then your luck will shine soon and no one can stop your luck and future from shining. 1.  Offer a handful of raw rice on Shivling of Lord Bholenath on the first Monday in the month of Sawan. Also, keep in mind that the rice which you are offering to Lord Shiva, should be offered in the fists. 2.  On the second Monday of Sawan, a handful of white sesame should be mounted on Shivling. 3.  On the third Monday of Sawan, offer a handful of moong dal to the Shivling of Lord Shiva 4.  On the fourth Monday of Sawan, offer a handful of barley on Lord Shiva's Shivling. This time it is very special, it is 5th Monday, so on the last day of sawan, offer a handful of sattu to the Shivling of Shiva. 

Great Importance:

After many years, such a coincidence is happening when Sawan month will start on Monday and ends on Monday. On the first day of Sawan month, devotees will be able to perform the Somwar Jal abhishek in Shiva temples.On July 10, Sawan Month is starting and the first day is Monday, as well as the end of the Sawan month on the last Somvar day. Such a coincidence comes once in years. Usually there are four Somvar in Sawan Mahina, but this time it is auspicious to fall five Monday due to the decrease of dates. On the last day of Sawan, on the full moon day is the lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse in Capricorn will appear in Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, Australia, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean including India. Lunar eclipse will take place from 3 pm. There is also the Bhadra period till 10.30 am and on this day all the sisters will be able to tie defense threads i.e RAKHI on the wrist of their brothers before the end of the Bhadra period and before the shints begin. The process to tie the rakhi is known as RAKSHABANDHAN to tie the defense formula, it is auspicious that 10.39 am and 1.53 pm till noon.The most auspicious time to celebrate rakshabandhan is from 10:39 am till 1:53 pm.On 23rd of July i.e on Amavasya, farmers worship all their farming machines and with this worshiping an important festival of India known as Teej will start. Date festival 

Wealth and grains will not decrease from your Life:

 There will be no shortage of money and grains in home and business by worshiping Lord BholeNath with Juhi flower. By bringing cannabis on Shivling of Lord Shiva, all your sins will be removed. Pouring rice on Shivaling of Shiva will bring wealth, happiness and prosperity in your life. Worshiping Lord Shiva will decrease all your troubles and eventually will eliminate all the troubles from your life.