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Leo Facts


They bear a very charming personality. Broad shoulders, florid or ruddy complexion, strong bones, and good muscles. They are tall, vertical upper body, slender waist, and prominent knees. They have soft and wavy hair usually light in color, as their age advances they might get bullied. They have a lofty, commanding, dignified personality and good height. Overall, they have a royal appearance.


They are ambitious, warm-hearted, generous, honest, frank, fearless, impulsive, self-confident and preserving by nature. They are very much fond of power and distinction. They have an eye for artistic creation, are cheerful, and have an optimistic disposition. They are heavy hearted, noble and has a loose temperament.


They are frank, philosophical, free bird, strong willed and extrovert people. They like to be independent, are forceful, inspiring, impulsive and keep high hopes. They have a wise mind, likes to contribute to the mankind, have an excellent organizing capability and are very constructive. They are honest leaders, brave, good planners and have good vigor. They like to maintain their relationships and are helpful to everybody. At times, they become irritated, hasty and suffer due to the results. They generally possess good health and are diet conscious.


They deliver a good and maintained health. Their body is adaptable to quick recovery when they fall ill badly. They are dominated by heart, spinal column, spinal marrow, nerves, fiber, anterior and posterior coronary.


They get diseases related to the heart, spinal meningitis, sun stroke, inflammations, giddiness, fever and epilepsy. When Aquarius or Capricorn start to afflict or are posited with the malefic planets that might cause swelling of ankle followed by the heart diseases. If mars afflict Leo, might cause surgeries or operations. They are proposed to consume a balanced diet, avoid drinks, stimulants and beverages. They should consume an organic diet as a good deal as possible.


They are fortunate in terms of funds. They have sufficient resources to satisfy their financial requirements. They will witness a decline in their bank balance as they age because they are spendthrifts. They have a knack for gambling and get rewarded as well, but they should obviate it. They are very generous towards everyone who looks for help from them. They face a bunch of trouble due to this habit which should be avoided in the later ages. They are thought to be loyal and trustworthy. They prefer picking up on bigger issues than to pass away for minor issues.


They are an ideal lover, romantic, fiery with passion, sincere and faithful in love. They don’t showcase their love in public as they are shy and consider it below their dignity.


They have great affection for the opposite sex and likes to be in the crowd. They like to keep a harmonious relationship unless the 7th house is afflicted which brings fights and arguments between the partners. They love their children the most and usually are very proud of them. Their children like to be independent, cannot bear restrictions and at times become restless and anxious. Leo’s are recommended to rely on their children otherwise they might lose their trust. Their children are expert organizers, popular, obliging, affectionate, courageous and confident.


They are full of excitement, loves their spouse and likes to be the center of attraction among the ladies. All they need to is basic understanding, love and care from their wives. They don’t allow anyone to raise voice on their wives, they are very protective and supportive of them. They are very conscious about their social status and standing and don’t let anyone hamper it by any means. So, it is advised to the couple to understand each other to maintain a prosperous and harmonious relationship.  


They are idealistic, ambitious, manages home well, successful social workers and makes an amazing impression on people they meet. They have a striking position and command in the society. They are quick to sacrifice everything when they are in love.


Leo is best suited with Aries and Sagittarius and is also compatible with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Aries and Sagittarius will contribute happiness and harmony for them. Aquarius is really devoted to Leo while Gemini will be tactful, inseparable, sincere and affectionate. Leo bride marrying Aries husband will be really lucky.


They are born to rule and attempt to rule in the house as well. Everyone in the home is submissive, cooperative, obedient and grateful to them. They like their family members to be noble, magnanimous, peaceful and harmonious at home. They like to keep the house tidy, decorative and attractive. They are very careful in choosing dresses, furniture and drapes. They are very choosy in picking up their friends and never hesitate to expend money on them. They have a sound and luxurious home.


They are really famous and attain a high position in the government. They have a specified income, job security and managerial capabilities. They are best suited as managers, directors, sales director and government officials.


They should not thrust their opinions and desires of others. They should take their lesson from the past mistakes, avoid being arrogant, restrict their wants and should behave in an attractive manner. They should not get carried away by others, should not be flattered and most important of all they should be detached from feelings.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday are favorable whereas Monday and Saturday should be avoided for starting any new venture. They should keep fast on a full moon day throughout the life.


1, 4, 5, 9  & 6 are lucky numbers for them whereas 2, 7 & 8 should be avoided. 3 is considered to be passive.


Red, orange and green signifies luck for them while the usage of Blue, black and white should be avoided.


Ruby or Emerald made in Gold should be worn on the 3rd finger of the right hand on Sunday morning after performing the rite. When the Sun is unfavorable, ruby plus red coral or ruby plus emerald in gold should be endured.

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