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Time, space and earth get together to create an opportune moment for a child to take birth, with no two children bearing the exact same fate. Governed by the positions of planets at that particular instant, an entire life course of actions and fate is determined when a baby is born. An astrologer, or jyotishi, is the first to be consulted when a child takes birth — first, to determine an auspicious name, and then to prepare its Janam Kundali, or horoscope, that outlines the individual’s life and events. The Kundali, in effect, can be called a snapshot of heavenly bodies and planets at a particular moment in space.

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Janam Kundali is an astrological chart prepared on the basis of the exact date, place, and time of birth of an individual. This chart determines the positioning of various signs, planets, the Sun and the Moon. Janam Kundali also reveals the astrological aspects and significant information of a newborn child. Done by an expert astrologer, Kundali creation is not a simple task. The astrologer will determine your Kundali through the local time and place of the birth to calculate the rising and ascending status of the individual, or native. The chart provides an insight into a person’s personality, his/her present and the future. The Kundali can foretell the good and bad times, or phases, for the native to act accordingly.

The Janam Kundali Chart is separated into 12 houses, which are home to the different signs and planets. On the chart, the first house starts with the Ascendant and the rest are numbered in an anticlockwise direction. These houses define the position and astrological aspects of a person. Every house in the Kundali represents a different prospect of life, such as career, relationship, money, etc.Kundli matching can also be done to find the best match for marriage.

Apart from this, the planets keep transiting in different signs over the day, month and year. The positions of these planets showcase various events and possibilities. By looking at the Janam Kundali and the planetary view therein, an astrologer can predict the future of a native. This is done using time tested principles of Vedic Astrology.


Also known as Natal Chart or Janampatri, the Kundali plays a significant role in an individual’s life. Kundali Making should be done only by professionals, who can predict your future and traits accurately. Preparing of the Natal Chart can be beneficial in many ways:

  • With the help of a Kundli, an astrologer can easily predict your future.
  • According to the positioning of planets in your Kundali, you can pick the most suitable career choice, one which is in harmony with your personality.
  • It can give you detailed information about your personality traits, relationships, marriage, career, finances and other aspects of life.
  • It can help find your lucky gemstone, lucky colours and lucky numbers that aid your success and happiness in various aspects of life.
  • A Kundali not only gives information about your future, but can also help find remedies to decrease the depth of the problems.
  • A Kundali also foretells the favorable and unfavorable timings in life.
  • You can find your strengths and weaknesses to help become a better person.
  • A Natal Chart showcases and warns you about the diseases and adversities that are likely to affect you in the future.

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