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Kundali Houses

Kundli houses or Ghar or Bhav are the main aspects of astrological predictions. All the predictions related to your life and its important aspects are derived after analyzing planets and their movements in the Kundali houses. 

There are twelve astrology houses or Kundali houses in a horoscope. Each Kundli house represents specific areas of your life such as marriage, career, love, family, friends, traits and so on. Read on to know more about these Kundli houses and the areas associated with it. 

12 Kundali Houses in Vedic Astrology and Their Meaning and Signficance

First House

The first house is the house of ascendant or Lagna or rising sign at the time of the birth of the native. This Kundli house covers all the “firsts”. It reveals the first impressions, outer appearance, new beginnings, fresh starts and new initiatives. 

Second House

The second house is the house of Value. It shares all the information about your income, money, financial prospects and wealth gaining capacity. By evaluating this house, one may know about the physical environment such as taste, smell, sound, touch and sights.

Third House

Third house is the house of communication. It determines how we exchange information and engage with people. All sorts of modes of communication such as talking, thinking, communication devices and gadgets are included in this dominion. This house is important to gain insights about your relationships with siblings, and neighborhoods.

Fourth House

Fourth House is the house of domestic happiness. It signifies the relationship with your mother, and native place or homeland. All the values that you inherit from your family are also determined by this house. The fourth house is used to provide insights about materialistic possessions, real estate, property, house, land and vehicles. 

Fifth House

Fifth house is the house of creativity, romance, pleasure and playfulness. It is analyzed to know about conception, miscarriage, children, and their health. This house also caters to higher education, analytical skills, intelligence, righteousness and coherence in taking effective decisions. 

Sixth House

Sixth house rules over health and services. It determines your routines, diet, exercises, organization, and fitness. The house tells what work you should do, which job is good or how much you will progress in your work. The sixth house drives the natives to overcome obstacles and various hurdles that may come in your life. 

Seventh House

Seventh House is the house of partnerships. It reveals how successful your relationship with your partner and business associates will be. This house tells about the physical intimacy, level of understanding, passion, commitment and willingness to have children. Marriage predictions are made by analyzing the seventh house. 

Eighth House

Eight House is the house of mysteries and transformation. It rules birth, death, sex, merged energies and deep bondings. All the sudden gains, unexpected events, losses, financial windfalls happen due to the changes in the planetary positions in the eight house. Reproductive system and cologne area are governed by the eight house.

Ninth House

Ninth House is the house of luck and fortune. It provides information about your higher wisdom, foreign languages, inspiration, optimism, spirituality, risks, adventure, learnings and religious instincts. This house is important to understand the aspects that are cannot be controlled. The ninth house is the Karak or factor of higher education. 

Tenth House

Tenth House is the house of profession. It shares detailed information about things surrounding your profession. This house governs structures, corporations, awards, achievements, traditions, public image, honor, fathers and fatherhood. Tenth house also tells about materialistic destiny and financial situation. This house can make the biggest Raj Yoga

Eleventh House

Eleventh House governs teams, friendships, society, technology, networking, social justice, invention, astronomy and science fiction. Planetary movements in this house influences your groups, acquaintances, social circle and well-wishers. The eleventh house strongly indicates income and gains, thus it is called the House of gains. 

Twelfth House

Twelfth house rules endings. It governs the final stages of projects, old age, the afterlife, completions, hidden agendas, institutions, hospitals, imagination, creativity, poetry and the subconscious mind. The house tells about your secret enemies and materialistic desires, expenditures and capacity to give up for spiritual growth. 

Planetary movements, transits, retrogrades in these astrology houses or Kundli houses impact your daily life aspects. Thus, it is very important to analyze it carefully by consulting an expert astrologer.

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