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Office Vastu Tips for Sitting Position

Office Vastu Tips for Sitting Position

Updated Date : Thursday, 11 Mar, 2021 11:12 AM

Office Vastu Shastra is not new. It is the part of ancient science that serves as a guide for a positive workspace. Right from the entrance of the office to the reception, pantry/canteen, washrooms, staircase and sitting positions in the office, Vastu covers everything that forms a healthy work environment.

Even though office Vastu is not as popular as home Vastu, it comes as an important aspect to understand and incorporate. Especially when economic uncertainty is at peak, office Vastu Shastra comes as a better aid to navigate economic upheavals and unexpected pitfalls.

What is Office Vastu Shastra?

The word “Vastu Shastra” means “the science of architecture”. It is a traditional Indian system that aims to integrate architecture with Mother Nature. The office Vastu Shastra follows the principles of Vastu Shastra and focuses on creating harmonious workspace. It suggests Vastu tips for offices that may balance universal elements (earth, fire, water, space and air) and attract maximum positive energy at the workspace.

A traditional office Vastu chart doesn’t focus on built up structures. It emphasizes on creating a congenial office atmosphere and lays down an office Vastu Plan that covers designs, layouts, space arrangements, spatial geometry and ground preparations. 

As per Vastu experts, if you desire holistic wellbeing and financial abundance at your workplace, you should never ignore the aspects of office Vastu plans. You should consult Vastu experts and get Vastu tips for business and Vastu tips for offices.

Ask an Astrologer to get best Vastu tips for your office.

In this post, we have shared Vastu tips for offices that are suggested to follow before buying or constructing an office. These office Vastu tips can help you get an outlook on how you can improve your business and increase luck as per Vastu. Have a look!

Vastu Tips for Office and Home Office

office vastu tips

Vastu Tips for Seating Arrangement

Sitting position in the office Vastu is considered very important as it directly influences the mental well being of employees and their productivity at the workplace. As per office Vastu Shastra, there are office Vastu Shastra guidelines for everyone at office including Managers, Owners and employees.

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Office Vastu Sitting Position for Managers and Owners

  • The best office Vastu direction for entrepreneurs is North, East and North-East direction. These directions enhance growth and opens doors of new opportunities and beginnings. 
  • As per office Vastu Shastra principles, Team leaders should always face the North-East direction. However, the cabins of people on leadership positions should be constructed in the West direction. 
  • East and North is the most recommended office Vastu direction for Business owners. They should face these office Vastu directions to invoke positive energy in themselves. 
  • Also, as per office Vastu, there should be a wall behind the sitting position in the office Vastu chart. 
  • The best office Vastu sitting positions for people in the position of Managers and Directors are South, South- West and West direction. It is said that the energy flowing through these directions improves decision making skills and helps in making better business choices.

Office Vastu Sitting Position for Employees 

  • North and East directions are referred to as the most suitable office Vastu direction to increase productivity and efficiency. Thus, the sitting position of employees as per office Vastu should be in North or East facing. 
  • A light beam should never be just above the employees head as it may affect their work negatively and cause momentary distractions at work. 

Office Vastu Plan 

Vastu Tips for Office Entrance

  • The best office Vastu direction for office entrance is East or North direction. One may make the entrance of the office also in the North-East or North-West direction. 
  • As per office Vastu Shastra, these office Vastu directions are very auspicious. It brings positivity, good luck and financial fortune to your business. 
  • Moreover, the direction of the North is considered as the direction of Kuber, the deity of wealth and prosperity. Thus, you should create your office Vastu plan in such a way that the entrance of your office lies in the North direction.
  • Do not put any obstacle or object that obstructs the path office entrance. It is believed that any obstacle at entrance stops the fortune and restricts you from getting financial windfall. 
  • As per office Vastu, opening of the entrance door of the office into an interior wall is forbidden. It is said that it prevents the flow of positive energy and causes negativity and evil forces to develop.

Vastu Tips for Office Reception Area

  • One should always set the office reception in the North-East or East direction.
  • As per office Vastu, the sitting position of Receptionist must be in such a way that they face North or East direction. 
  • The company profile or logo in the reception area should be placed on the Southern wall. According to Office Vastu experts, placing a reception table diagonally to the front door of the office is auspicious.
  • Decoration with flowers is considered sacred as per the office Vastu chart. You may keep french lavender flowers or green jade flowers at the reception area. Keeping a four leaf clover plant at the entrance is also believed to create a positive aura and good relationship with visitors. 

Vastu Tips for Office Pantry/Canteen

  • Pantry or Canteen is a place to eat and get food. This is an important place as per office Vastu Shastra as it influences the energy and productivity of the office workers. Thus, office pantry should always be built in the recommended office Vastu direction. 
  • The best office Vastu direction for Pantry is the South-East direction.
  • One should never construct Pantry or Canteen in the North direction. 
  • The shades of blue are perfect for the walls of Pantry as it relaxes the mind and rejuvenates energy. 
  • Walls of Pantry should never be painted with red or pink color or any of its shades. 
  • Keeping green plants in the pantry is considered beneficial for office productivity. 

Vastu Tips for Office Staircase

  •  The staircase of the office should always be in the South or South-West direction.
  • Office staircase should never be in the centre of the office. As per office Vastu planning chart, staircase at centre can cause constant financial loss in the business. 
  • Staircases should be painted in subtle light colors.
  • Never choose black or red color for painting staircases of your office. 
  • Keeping plants at the corners of each step can be beneficial in attracting positive energy in the office. 

Vastu Tips for Home Office

  • Home offices are the new trend that emerged from work from home concept. In this, people set up their offices at any corner or room of their house. 
  • As per home office Vastu, you should always set your home office in the SouthWest or West direction of your house. It is said that these two office Vastu directions bring stability and growth in the business or work.
  • Cream, light yellow, light green or light gold should be the preferred colors to paint your home office. 
  • Black, Blue and its shades should be avoided while setting up a home office as it brings negativity, ill-health and emotional instability. 

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