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World Malaria Day 2024

World Malaria Day

Updated Date : Wednesday, 03 Jan, 2024 07:47 AM

World Malaria Day

What is Malaria?

Malaria is a fatal and deathly mosquito-borne disease which is caused by a malaria parasite that usually infects some particular type of mosquitos which affect human beings. The common symptoms of Malaria include flu-like illness, shaking chills and also high fever.

About World Malaria Day

The aim of celebrating World Malaria Day is to fight the disease and completely eradicate it across the globe. The day is celebrated to eliminate the disease and keep it a high priority on the political agenda as well as empower the communities and mobilize the resources to have greater participation towards care and prevention from malaria.

When is World Malaria Day?

Every year, World Malaria Day is celebrated on the 25th of April in order to raise awareness about the disease. The day was declared by WHO

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History of Malaria

Malaria was originated as a zoonotic disease during the twenty-first century in Africa. The primary victims of Malaria included people from Greece and China. In ancient time, for treating malaria, individuals used to have traditional herbal remedies and the very first treatment that turned out to be successful was from the cinchona tree’s bark.

Signs and Symptoms of Malaria

The signs and symptoms of Malaria comprise of tiredness, fever, flu-like illness, diarrhea, headache, vomiting, shaking chills, nausea, and muscle ache. It depends upon person to person and their immune system that which symptoms are more likely to occur when they have been affected by the malaria mosquito. In the later stages, Malaria can also result in causing jaundice and anemia as it even causes a huge loss of red blood cells. If the disease does not get diagnosed or treated in time, then in severe cases it may result in seizures, death, coma, or kidney failure.

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Malaria Test

To get fast recovery from malaria, it is essential to have an early diagnosis. Any person who is showing a symptom of the disease must undergo malaria test and if diagnosed must take the treatment on an immediate basis.

  • WHO recommends RDT i.e. rapid diagnostic test or microscopic laboratory testing for malaria testing.
  • To identify and manage malaria, there is a need to perform the parasitological test.

Malaria Prevention

Malaria is one of the most common diseases which affects people across the globe. But, there are some ways by which prevention is possible. To avoid the malaria parasite affected mosquitoes bite one should:

  • Try to cover the maximum part of your body by wearing long and covered clothes.
  • Use and apply the insect repellant over clothes and on the body to avoid being in contact with an insect.
  • For children, parents should take care that they sleep under a net. As well as adults can also use bed net which is particularly treated with the insecticides to prevent oneself from mosquito bites.

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Malaria Treatment

  • The treatment of the disease aims to remove the parasite from the bloodstream. People who have not diagnosed the symptoms of Malaria can be treated for its infection so that there is reduced risk of transmission of the disease because of the surrounding populations.
  • ACT i.e. Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy is also recommended for treating the less serious or uncomplicated infection of malaria by the World Health Organization.
  • In cases where the disease is resistant to Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy, the treatment requires additional partner drug to be used with it.
  • In rural areas, self-medication is a common practice which must be avoided as it can create more complication. It is advised to visit a doctor as soon the symptoms are shown or the disease is diagnosed.

Malaria vaccine

In the year 2015, a vaccine named RTS, S/AS01 has been approved as the vaccine against malaria. It is regarded as the first licensed vaccine for the disease approved by European regulators.

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Observance Of Malaria Day in India

  • Celebrations of the World Malaria Day offer the chance to the individuals to learn as well as promote the several efforts made in order to eradicate and prevent Malaria across the globe.
  • On this day, organizations, volunteers, communities and individuals come together to promote and support the cause.
  • Several organizations donate money for the cause and for the malaria interventions.
  • To support the treatment and prevention of the disease, there are several places where fundraising activates are conducted.
  • Campaigns are also organized in some parts of the nation to fight against malaria.
  • On World Malaria Day, it is also reflected how much progress, a nation at an individual level and the world at the global level, has been attained by comparing with the last year’s records and statistics.

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