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Janmashtami Bhajan Song

Most popular Krishna Janmashtami Bhajan & Songs

Updated Date : Thursday, 09 Jul, 2020 09:59 AM

Are you planning to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami in your homes? If so, then I am sure, you are right now searching for Krishna Janmashtami bhajan & songs that can help you celebrate Janmashtami better, even within the confines of your home in this COVID-19 year.

The birth of Krishna in our country has always been replete with Krishna bhajans and folk dances. For, nothing in India is complete without an appropriate song and dance. So, we bring you here, some handpicked Janmashtami bhajans alongwith songs for you to refer for this year’s compilation.

Most popular Krishna Janmashtami Bhajan & Songs

Let us look at some of the commonest and most popular Krishna Janmashtami bhajans and songs under different sections that top the chart on this day.

  1. Twenty songs that can be used as Krishna Arti and Janmashtami Bhajans
  2. Five Janmashtami Dahi Handi Songs & Bhajans.
  3. 20 Bhajan/Songs that can be used as Krishna Arti and Janmashtami Bhajans

You do not find this form of songs of Janmashtami anywhere in the world except in India. Arti and Janmashtami bhajans are Indianized forms of songs that grew and originated in this country over the years.

For puja muhurat on krishna janmashtami check Choghadiya Mathura.

One popular Janmashtami bhajan that has been sung for many years now and can be included in your song list is,

“Main nahin makhan khayo

Maiyyaan mori, mori, mori, mori

Main nahin makhan khayo

Re maiya mori, main nahin makhan khaayo

Maiyyaan mori, bhor bhayo gaiyyan ke paachhe

Tune madhuban mohi pathaayo

Chaar prahar, bansi bat bhatyo

Saanjh pade main ghar aayo

O (ri maiyyaan mori, main kab makhan khaayo)”

For puja Shri Krishna Ki Aarti.

Best Radha Krishna Bhajans 

1. Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram

“Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram
Rama Naraynam Janaki Vallabham”

2. Maiyya Mori, Main Nahin Makhan Khayo

“Main nahin makhan khayo
O maiya mori, main nahin makhan khayo”

3. Arey Dwarpalo

“Dekho Dekho Yeh Garibi Yeh Garibi Ka Haal,
Krishna Ke Dar Pe vishwas Leke Aaya Hoon”

4. Ae Ri Main Toh Prem Deewani

“Gagan Mandal Par Sej Piya Ki,
Milano Kis Bidh Hoye”

5. Mere Toh Girdhar Gopal

“Mere toh giridhar gopal dusro na koi
Jaake sar mor mukut mero pati soi”

New Krishna Bhajans

  1. Shyama tere charno ki, Radhe tere charno ki.
  2. Aaj mere kanhaiya bin majhi ke sahare, Doobegi meri naiyya beech bhawar mein hai naiyya.
  3. Ek baar toh Radha bankar dekho mere sawariya, Kya hote hain ansu, kya peeda hoti hain
  4. Tere bin mera koi nahin Hamara nahi koi re, sahara nahi koi re.
  5. Bol Hari bol Hari, Hari Hari Bol, Bol Hari bol Hari, Hari Hari Hari Bol
  6. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Om Namo Narayanaya Om Namah Shivaya

Top Krishna Dahi Handi bhajans

Some of the most notable Krishna Dahi Handi bhajans are given below,

  1. Ki Hare Rama Rimjhim barse paniya jhule radha raniya hain hari
  2. Lalla ne makhan bhave re, lala nei misri bhave re, Shiro dharau, shrikhand dharu naye sutarpheni sahin.”
  3. Kaun sune meri baat, shyam bin kaun sune, Raat raat bhar ankhiyan aason jagoon main din raat.”
  4. Milti hain premiyo ki sangat kabhi kabhi, Charhti hain shyam ki rangat kabhie kabhie Milti hai premiyon ki sangat.”
  5. Radhe Radhe Japo chale ayenge bihari
  6. O Paalanhaare, Nirgun Aur Nyare, Tumre Bin Hamra Kaunon Naahin, Humri Uljhan Suljhaao Bhagwan, Tumre Bin Hamra Kaunon Naahin

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Conclusion about Krishna janmashtami Bhajan & Songs

To conclude, we can only say that the songs and dance forms in India are definitely awesome. India has several unique forms of Janmashtami Bhajans & songs and dances. Odissi, Kathak and Manipuri are dance forms that were designed in the earlier times keeping in mind Krishna.

special celebration Janmashtami in Mathura.

Thumri and Kathak go together and often form a beautiful combining force during Janmashtami celebrations. Dance and songs are often performed and several plays are enacted during the Janmashtami season in several parts of North India where local Mandali artists and folk singers and dancers come together.

Krishna Dasa, a famous Krishna devotee began the Baul form of music and songs using the Iktara as the only instrument. Hymns devoted to Shri Krishna are sung with the Iktara in hand. 

The Janmashtami songs of India are also equally rich in theme and music and the words. Several song forms including Thumri, Janmashtami bhajans & kirtan are all Indianized song forms that have also come out of the Krishna culture. 

Within one nation, from east to west and from north to south there is a vast difference in the dance and song forms within the country. Primarily all dance and song forms revolve around Shiva, Rama and Krishna. These fifteen songs can brighten up your day and life commendable. It can lighten your heart and also expand your mind to the fullest.

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