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Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

Updated Date : Tuesday, 21 Sep, 2021 07:18 AM

Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

Marriage is an important phase of your life. It is a lifelong commitment where you tie a knot with a person and make mutual promises to share everything with your partner. Whether it’s happiness or sorrow, you abide by each other in marriage and be a stronghold in every situation. Moreover, it is not just the union of two souls but the union of two families. Hence, will you have a love marriage or arranged marriage is a question of prime importance. Ask now to Love Marriage Specialist.

As per society norms, two routes of marriage are considered- Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage. Love marriage is the marriage wherein you marry the person you love. You choose your compatible match by yourself before marriage and then proceed to form a marital union. Whereas in arranged marriage, you or your parents search various sources and select a suitable match that meets the expectations and preferences of you and your family. Usually, this form of marriage is very common in Indian families and the compatibility of the partner is checked through horoscope matching for marriage.

As the success of marriage is of higher concern, there is continuous debate over love marriage and arranged marriage. Here are some debatable viewpoints that give insights into love marriage vs arrange marriage.

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Which is better love marriage or arrange marriage?

Confused, which one is better- love marriage or arranged marriage? Check out the following points and make a verdict. 

1. Prior Understanding With Partner

Mutual understanding between life partners is highly important. If you and your partner don’t have good mutual understanding then it is difficult to sustain marriage and achieve a long lasting relationship. In Love marriage, you know your partner prior and thus you may have a good mutual understanding with your partner even after the marriage. While in arranged marriage, you know little about the other person and hence it takes a long time to develop mutual understanding with your partner. However, nowadays people take time in arranged marriage to know their partner and establish a good love compatibility before marriage.

2. Love Compatibility

Arranged marriage is often based on the family background, social-economic status, level of education of the person, similar family values and religion. While selecting the perfect match, the compatibility on emotional and physical grounds are often overlooked. Thus, love often feels missing in the relationship and people experience marriage problems due to low love compatibility. On the other hand, love is the main basis of love marriage. Thus, there are strong possibilities that you will share the same love and emotional compatibility after marriage that you had before marriage. 

3. Accountability

When it comes to comparing love marriage vs arranged marriage, accountability of marriage decisions is more in love marriage than the later. In love marriage, the decision of getting married to someone is yours and hence the responsibility of consequences like conflicts and rifts are also yours. The partners in a love marriage cannot blame anyone if anything goes wrong in their relationship. Whereas in arranged marriages, families may interfere and try to make decisions that could settle the differences between arranged marriage couples. 

4. Social Considerations

Despite being technologically advanced, love marriages are still a big taboo especially in indian communities. There are many families that consider marriage as a matter of respect and disapprove love marriage in fear of losing social status. That is why most couples marry against the will of their parents and live separately. On the contrary, arranged marriages are considered a very dignified practice that involves approval of parents and elders. Such marriages don't experience conflicts due to family pressure and often prove stronger than love marriage. 

5. Post Marital Life 

Often love marriage partners tie a knot by following their heart. They don’t think practically about situations after marriage and forget to consider factors such as economic conditions, financial situations, family responsibilities and environment. As a result, they suffer hurdles in their marital life and experience unhappiness and depression. On the other hand, arranged marriages couples possess overall security and approval from family members which gives them stability in their post marriage life.

In nutshell, there are both pros and cons of love marriage and arranged marriage. Both types of marriages need strong commitment and consistent efforts from the life partners. Thus, it’s up to you whatever journey makes you feel content and comfortable. 

Moreover, both Love marriage and arranged marriage couples should check their love compatibility and know where they lack and what are the ways through which they may improve their relationship. 

Vedic Astrology Guna Matching can help you to discover their mutual compatibility and chances of success in marriage. In case of marriage problems, you may Ask to Astrologer and find solutions and Vedic astrological remedies to resolve the problems. With love and strong backing of Astrology, you may make your marriage successful and long lasting.

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