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Marriage Prediction Report

Marriage Prediction

Updated Date : Tuesday, 21 Sep, 2021 07:06 AM

When will I get married? Whom will I get married to? Will it be a love marriage or an arranged marriage? How will be my married life? Get answers to all such marriage related questions with mpanchang’s marriage calculator. Based on ancient Vedic marriage astrology, our marriage calculator offers a detailed marriage horoscope by date of birth that covers all sorts of marriage predictions such as love marriage prediction, marriage age prediction, marriage life prediction and much more.

Get free astrology predictions for marriage! Submit your birth details on the marriage prediction calculator and access the most accurate and reliable marriage prediction by date of birth online.

What Does Your Marriage Prediction Report Include?

Your Marriage prediction report is a comprehensive astrology report by date of birth that offers the following significant information to you.

  • Time of your marriage
  • Manglik Dosha analysis
  • Longevity and Stability of married life
  • Marriage date prediction
  • Astrological remedies for unhappy marriage and marital issues
  • Future partner marriage prediction such as age, personality, profession etc.
  • Love or Arranged marriage Prediction
  • Love compatibility between you and your spouse
  • Remedies for Delay in marriage
  • Possible time of your progeny after marriage

All this information is vital to know about your upcoming married life and map out plans for a happy and blissful marriage. 

Marriage Astrology | Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage

Will I have love or arranged marriage? Astrology predictions for love or arranged marriage by date of birth can help you to get answers to this. With the help of marriage astrology, you can understand the planetary positions in your Birth Chart and easily predict the possibility of love marriage. As per astrology by date of birth for Marriage, the 7th house of your horoscope indicates marriage and partnership. In the male horoscope, 7th house and its lord and Venus predict type and time of marriage while in the female horoscope, 7th and 8th house, their Lords and Mars shares marriage predictions. 

Whether you will marry your love or not? Will your love be successful? Will your love will turn into marriage? Answers to all such questions can be found by analyzing planets and Lord of 5th house. In marriage astrology, the 5th house is referred to as the House of Love and to check love marriage in your life, astrologers observe the connection between 5th, 7th and Lord of both houses. 

Marriage and Planetary Positions

Astrologers refer to various planetary positions in the horoscope for Marriage prediction. 

  • Will I marry my lover? The position of Venus, Mars or Moon over 7th house tells if you will marry the partner chosen by you. 
  • Will my love marriage be successful? The combination of planets with Lord of 7th house indicates the possibility of love marriage. 
  • Will you marry someone known to you before marriage? If 7th house Lord is positioned in 1st, 5th or 12th house, there are strong chances that you will marry you know. 
  • Love marriage or Arranged marriage? The position of Venus in 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 12th house indicates inclinations towards love affairs.
  • Will I marry a partner of my choice? The position of Moon in 5th, 7th or 12th house shows chances of marrying the desired partner. 
  • Will I remarry after divorce? The position of Mars and Venus in 7th and 9th house indicates the possibility of remarriage after divorce. 
  • When will I get married astrology? Or When will I get married according to my date of birth? This question is answered accurately by our marriage date calculator by analyzing the 7th house, its Lord and positions of planets, Venus, Jupiter and Mars, Saturn and Ketu etc., in your marriage horoscope by date of birth. Mangal Dosha is checked by marriage age calculator to find any delay in marriage.

Astrology by Date of Birth For Marriage

When will I get married and to whom?

Marriage date and future partner predictions are made after analyzing your Birth Chart or marriage horoscope by date of birth. Following the Vedic astrology method, Astrologers refer to the seventh house of the horoscope and Dasha period running at the present time to confirm the exact month and year of your marriage. As per astrology by date of birth for marriage, if Jupiter and Venus are placed at favorable positions and the seventh house of the horoscope is free from any malefic effects of Planets, then marriage date calculation can be made as early as possible. However, the accuracy of the marriage date calculator depends upon the birth date. Time and place submitted by you.

I am in love since a number of years and I want to marry with my love, Kindly suggest?

You may explore your chances of love marriage with your beloved by getting love marriage predictions by date of birth. As per love marriage astrology, the fifth house in your Birth Chart is responsible for finding love in your life. Thus, astrologers need to do marriage horoscope analysis to evaluate the fifth house, fifth Lord and planets placed in the fifth house to make accurate love marriage predictions for you. It is advisable to Talk to an Astrologer to analyze your marriage horoscope by date of birth or know the possibility of love or arranged marriage with mpanchang’s love marriage prediction calculator.

Will my love or relationship be successful?

Astrologers can confirm this after analyzing your marriage horoscope by date of birth. In marriage astrology, the good placement of Venus in the horoscope signifies success or failure in love or a relationship. If Venus is exalted or in quadrant or under the influence of Jupiter, Mercury and Moon, then the native finds success in love marriage. On the other hand, if Venus is weak or debilitated or in retrograde in your horoscope, then the possibility of success in a love marriage is less or negligible. However, other astrological aspects of marriage horoscope should also be evaluated before predicting marriage life predictions. One should always consult an astrologer or use a marriage calculator to understand the planetary aspect of your marriage horoscope.

I want to marry my friend but my parents do not want this, what does my horoscope say about marriage with my friend?

As per marriage astrology, couples should always check love compatibility before marriage to ensure happiness in the married life. With the help of Kundali matching, couples can analyze their horoscope and compare all the astrological aspects for a good married life. According to astrologers, if your Kundali matching score or Gun Milan score is 18 or higher, then the marital compatibility of you and your partner are good. In case your Kundali matching score is low then you should not marry to your prospective partner or consult an experienced or expert astrologer for improving marital compatibility. Moreover, the difference in the opinion of you and or parents can be analyzed by 4th and 9th house. Astrologers need to check the planetary positions in your horoscope to predict the possibilities as per your concern.

I am married and facing compatibility issues. Will it end my marriage or is it for a certain time period?

Marital compatibility between couples depends upon their Rashis or Nakshatras. If the Rashi or Nakshatra of a boy and a girl is not friendly with each other then they experience compatibility issues. To understand the compatibility issues with your spouse in-depth, your horoscope needs to be analyzed. The status of the seventh house (house of marriage) and astrological aspects made by the malefic planet Saturn will be checked to predict the upcoming marriage life. In case you are undergoing Ketu Mahadasha, then compatibility issues may increase but for accurate analysis of marriage horoscope, an expert and experienced astrologer should be consulted.

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