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Horoscope Compatibility for marriage | Horoscope matching

Do you think horoscope compatibility is useful for harmonious relationship?

Updated Date : Thursday, 04 Jan, 2024 07:33 AM

Kundali matching becomes a trending word when people decide to get married. As per our Indian culture, it's probably the very first custom that the bride and groom follow to achieve heavenly marital bliss. But what exactly is it? And why today's smart generation should follow such an obsolete tradition?

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Well, if you are curious about these questions, you should find answers from the root! Let's first understand what horoscope is, and how horoscope compatibility works!

What Is A Horoscope?

Across cultures, people are using various future prediction methods. India has developed its one of a kind future forecasting tool known as Vedic astrology. Being the oldest and most trusted forecasting method, astrology works on the bases of horoscope.

As we saw, all the predictions are entirely based on horoscope, making it the core of astrology. Mapping of all the planet's position at the time of your birth is known as horoscope(Kundali) Horoscope projects every aspect of your life based on these planetary positions.

What Is Kundali Matching?

 When two people plan to tie a knot, astrologers carefully check their horoscope compatibility. It is believed that the couple's stars affect each other's life when they get married. So,seeing-evaluating the stars and by that testing, their compatibility is known as Kundali matching.

Astrologers do it by the Ashtakuta system, wherein Ashta means eight, and Kuta means viewpoint- which means evaluating eight various factors to predict the future life of a couple. 

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Moreover, every element denotes particular points. Ranking and calculating points are known as Guna Milan .32 is the highest score of Guna Milan. The couple, whose horoscope matches in all the 32 factors are partners made in heaven in the real sense!

As far as compatibility is concerned, couples can trust horoscope matching blindly. By kundali matching, couples can exactly understand their marital future. But why we should go for zodiac sign compatibility for marriage? Let's find it out!

Why We Need Zodiac Sign Compatibility For Marriage?

Marriage is a very important life decision. According to our Indian culture, once a couple gets married, it is said that they will continue sharing their seven lives as a couple together! That's why our ancestors develop the age-old technique of horoscope matching for full-proof insurance of a couple's marital journey!

Besides, this tool is time tested and accurate. By Kundali matching, one can know the exact nature, physical traits, behavioral patterns, and even life path of his partner! Here I am sharing a brief idea of other benefits it can provide.

  • Compatibility check - First and foremost, it clearly depicts the compatibility of the couple. Based on the Guna of horoscope matching, you both can understand how will be your future chemistry. The entire life journey goes smooth if you both can easily adapt to each other's thoughts, habits, and life goals.

  • Financial and Career prospects - In today's time, where both husband and wife are working, and every financial decision is a joint decision; it is of utmost importance to know each other's career prospects. It is advisable to know about both partner's financial stability and their career growth plans.

  • Ill effects (Dosha) of planets - By Kundali matching, astrologers can foresee if any harmful effects of planets are prevailing in the life of the bride and groom. If anyone of them is suffering from such Dosha, their marriage will face the problems. 

    Astrologers mainly search for Mangal Dosha and ShaniDosha, as these play a very crucial role in the couple's separation.

  • Remedies of Dosha - Once astrologer find out any dosha from the Horoscope matching, they have its remedies too! They may show specific Pooja to solve the Dosha. With such a remedy couple gets assurance that they will enjoy a fruitful married life. 

  • Connect the core - As they say, marriages are made in heaven; on earth, couples just pair -up with their soulmate. With Horoscope matching, you can understand each other's life path and goals. You can literally connect to the core - soul needs of both of you. This is how you can enjoy the lifelong blissful journey as soulmates.

What more can you ask for? It unfolds almost all the key indicators you must know about your future spouse. Now that you know zodiac sign compatibility for marriage is a wise step, we must follow, go for the Kundali matching, and know your future partner inside out!

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