What is Khooni Neelam?

Neelam, popularly known as Blue Sapphire, is regarded as one of the most powerful remedial gemstones for eliminating the malefic aspects of planet Saturn or ‘Shani.’ The gemstone possesses significant and influential powers which absorbs the planetary radiations and bestows the native with immense wealth, good health, success in career or profession, and a successful life, the condition being it suits the native. If in case the sapphire does not suit the individual, then it has several negative impacts too such as imprisonment, loss of wealth, poor health and even death of the native.

The well-known term ‘Khooni Neelam’ literally means ‘A bloody (blood-colored) Blue Sapphire’ which comprises of dark pink or red color streaks or spots in it. The two-colored sapphire depicts the combined divine powers of Mangal as well as Shani i.e. the planets Mars and Saturn respectively. These two planets are considered as the most influential and malefic planets out of all and they are the one responsible for all sorts of unusual events, war, chaos, accidents, and even deaths.

The word ‘Khooni’ symbolizes ‘Killer’ and it offers the stone a terrifying and mystical impression. The individuals who prefer wearing a Blue Sapphire gemstone refrain themselves or are cautious to wear the ‘Khooni Neelam.’ Thus, the natives who have adequate placements of the planets Mars and Saturn in their horoscope should only wear the Khooni Neelam and that too under the supervision and guidance of a professional astrologer.

Khooni Neelam is also popular as ‘Raktambari Neelam’ which is considered as the most influential and strongest form of the gemstone blue sapphire. It is advised and recommended that the blue sapphire stone should always be worn in Platinum or Silver only and the natives must avoid wearing it in Gold. The Neelam stone is usually worn in the middle finger of the active hand (right hand for the right-handed individuals and the left hand for the left-handed individuals) of the native. The most adequate time for the natives to wear a Blue Sapphire is on any Saturday evening during the Krishna Paksha.

History of Khooni Neelam

There are several stories surrounding the Khooni Neelam or Raktambari Neelam, but the most popular among them is the ‘Cursed Khooni Neelam.’ On several news channels, the story was telecasted which mentioned that the Purple Sapphire (Khooni Neelam) was looted in the year 1855 at the time of Indian Mutiny and then an officer of Bengal cavalry brought it to England. Soon after this, the officer suffered deterioration in his health and lost all his wealth too. The bad luck even continued and passed on to the next generation. The officer’s son soon realized the malefic effects of the Khooni Neelam and so gave it to one of his friends but soon his friend committed suicide and just after the death of his friend, the stone was given back to the officer’s son.

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In 1890, Edward Heron-Allen who was a researcher and the last owner of the stone suffered a lot of misfortune and ill-effects of the stone. As a result, he threw the stone in the Regent’s Canal so that nobody can have it. But a sailor recovered the stone and then sold it to a trader who after knowing its malefic nature returned back to Edward Heron-Allen. After realizing its consequences, Edward decided to deposit the Khooni Neelam in a bank. He covered the stone and wrapped under seven boxes and then deposited in the bank with a note stating that the box must not be open until 3 years of his death. The stone was then donated by his daughter to Natural History Museum (NHM) along with the written note of Heron-Allen to warn people about its disastrous impacts. Presently this stone is with the NHM London.

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Every gemstone has certain energies and radiations. For some people, one gem can have really amazing effects while for others it can prove to be extremely disastrous. It is extremely important to Talk To Astrologer before deciding on wearing a gemstone.

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